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How to Wholesale Colored eyelashes ?

Good news, good news, wholesale colored eyelashes, you will see that some bold beauty lovers’ love for false eyelashes has reached a new height–colored false eyelashes. Colored eyelashes come in many colors, blue, green, brown, red, purple, coral… Colorful colored eyelashes can add a touch of color to any eye shape and make your eyes stand out.

Colored eyelashes

Colorful 3D faux mink eyelashes custom private LOGO, colored 3D silk eyelashes dramatic false eyelashes, they are soft, smooth, naturally curved, easy to remove, they make your eyes vivid and charming and shiny.

Suitable occasions: very suitable for Halloween, costumes, parties, performances, etc.

Colorful eyelashes: Colorful eyelashes can be matched with your cosmetics, color accessories and clothing, beautiful and attractive.

Packing: 1 pair of color eyelashes, 2 pairs or more pairs of colorful false eyelashes, length from 5mm to 18mm.

Like henna, vegetable dyes are the most commonly used because eyelashes are sensitive areas. …Do not use standard hair dyes when dealing with eyelashes because the chemicals they contain can harm your eyes. The color eyelashes we make are dyes specially used for eyelashes and eyebrows, without any negative effects.

Buy color eyelashes , find HRLASEHS, HRLASHES best-selling eyelashes now including color eyelashes, there are a variety of colors to choose from. The new color impacts the eyelashes and enhances the natural color of your eyes. The charming eyes look flawless from any angle.

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