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how to take eyelashes picture for INSTAGRAM

how to take eyelashes picture for INSTAGRAM

How to take eyelashes picture,i think all lashes suppliers or sellers want to know,because almost all people,who do eyelashes business,have INSTAGRAM account,they will  take photos and send photos on INS everyday, which kind of photo,clients more like? Which kind of photo looks like more true? And which kind of picture will bring them more followers,Below we will talk about this.

Before we took eyelashes picture in small photostudio ,white background,like below:

Today our boss’s wife come to us and said.take photo like this,eyelashes looks like not  very true,and  not very soft. ,Before We took photo like this,took a small photo,then make it bigger and highlighter.She told us,it is better take picture as big as you want,and don’t need white background,becasue clients also are very interested in your life or work place,so it is better take some of this,but don’t need too much,only a litter is enough,and make it indistinct, only show eyelashes clearly,that will be better,And do like this,looks more true,please look at below picture:


And the last thing is,don’t only take picture from front,also need take some pictures from the side,show  lashes curls and fluffy. How do you think dear?