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Get to know HRLASHES quickly

A few words about our eyelash.Our HRLASHES are divided into two categories, MINK LASHES and SILK LASHES (FAXU LASHES ). Minks fur are naturally shed, cruelty free.

Silk comes from the silk town of Hangzhou, China. It is the latest silk every summer.We have our own design team, and the product is updated ever month, and new styles will be issued every month. We cannot guarantee that the same company imitate us, but we can update the product faster than the peer enterprises.Every pair of eyelash is 100% MINK FUR  and 100% HANDMADE. 


The disadvantage of handmade mink eyelash is that each pair of eyelash is a little different, but it also makes each pair of false eyelash more flexible and dynamic, making them more dynamic instead of rigid.Each of our eyelashes can be used more than 25 times under normal conditions.Each pair of eyelashes from the beginning of hair selection, to the final completion, need to go through 24 procedures, mainly including 5 parts.Select fur , put fur, cut fur, finalize the shape and glue.Product quality inspection includes 2 stages, production quality inspection and finished product quality inspection.Each pair of eyelashes needs to go through more than 30 procedures from the beginning to the finished product.Generally,one expertly workers need 1.2 hours to make a pair of eyelashes, and most of our workers need about 1.5 hours to make a pair of eyelashes.The glue we use is imported from Korea and will not cause any harm to human body.