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How to start a eyelashes business ?

Beginners guide for False eyelashes professional knowledge series (8)

HrLashes is the most professional eyelash supplier and custom eyelash packaging supplier in China. We are the TOP 1 of the eyelash business. We have been supplying high-end mink eyelashes for 15 years. How we start a eyelashes business ?

Do you want to own your own eyelashes store? Do you want to know how to create your own 3D Mink Eyelash Brand? Following my steps, we will guide you how to create your own eyelash brand. Hope we can help you develop your own business of wholesale mink eyelashes. How we start a eyelashes business ? Please follow the steps below.

1. First design your own mink eyelash logo

Each eyelash brand has its own logo, which can distinguish it from other mink eyelash brands. If there is no logo, it can be designed through Fiverr App, the price is 30 US dollars, you can get the logo in about 3-5 days, our designers have many years of design experience, our company can also help you design your logo.

2. Conduct market research

Through market research, we can know which styles of 3D mink lashes are more popular and the prices they sell. Position the market accurately and have more customers. Our company has more than ten years of experience in eyelash sales. The most popular and best-selling wholesale mink eyelash style can be sent to you for your reference.

3. Communicate to find a professional mink eyelash supplier

Finding a professional mink eyelash supplier is the most important step in creating your mink eyelash brand. So what is a good mink eyelash supplier?

Professional mink eyelashes suppliers provide high quality eyelashes, you can rest assured to sell boldly without worrying about quality issues.

Professional eyelash suppliers have the ability to design their own eyelash styles and keep launching new models in line with fashion trends.

The professional mink eyelash supplier has integrity and trustworthiness, and it can save you a lot of time and trouble while guaranteeing the delivery quality and packaging quality.

4. Understand the basic knowledge of eyelashes and distinguish which are the real mink eyelashes

We distinguish between mink eyelashes and synthetic eyelashes by burning.

Taste: When burning, mink hair will smell like burning human hair after burning.

Speed: Eyelashes burn very slowly. After the fire is extinguished, the eyelashes will not burn by themselves, while the chemical fiber eyelashes will burn by themselves.

Soot: After burning mink lashes, the soot is powdery. After the chemical fiber eyelashes burn, there is no ash, they will shrink into a spherical shape.

5. Open the way to sell eyelashes.

If you already have the above four points, congratulations, you have entered the door of the eyelash industry, the next important step is to promote your mink eyelashes. You can use social software such as INS, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. If the economy allows, build a website on Google. According to our years of experience, the promotion effect of the website is the best, followed by INS and YouTube.

HRLASHES is very considerate and helps the novice. At first, I didn’t know how to choose eyelashes. Don’t worry, just choose from the sample package. We have more than ten years of experience in eyelash production and sales. We have combined years of production and sales experience and made a sample suit suitable for novices. Hurry up and buy it back, which will definitely help you.

The above is some experience we have summarized on how to create your own eyelash brand. Is it very rewarding and want to profit from the eyelash industry? Contact me WHATSAPP: +0086 175 6168 7023.

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