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How to Pick eyelash packaging boxes ?

  • HRlashes is the Top1 Lashes manufacturer ,Hrlashes is committed to providing beautiful eyelash packaging boxes   wholesale for our large customers base. We also offer our customers a tailor-made design that give you the perfect eyelash Packaging boxes DIY and eyelashes tools .Regarding how to customize eyelash cases and eyelash Packaging boxes, I list the common questions about custom eyelash boxes as follows,

 What Is The Material Of eyelash Packaging boxes?

  • There are too many material in the market, and today will introduce some popular and cheap material lashes packaging boxes for you .

1st  Cheap Paper card eyelash Packaging Boxes Diy

  • Paper-card eyelashes packaging Box is the cheapest eyelash case on the market, it is safe, convenient and simple to use, and the paper-card case is small, light and easy to carry.
  • If you have just started your eyelash business, the cardboard box is very suitable for the initial stage of eyelash business. The cardboard box can protect your eyelashes very well, but it does not require much financial investment, saves your capital, and can get more profits.
  • A common cardboard box also has a window. From the outside of the box, you can see the beautiful eyelashes in the box. Although the cardboard eyelash box does not look so luxurious and fashionable, the exquisite and high-quality eyelashes can still be glamorous.
  • Using a cardboard eyelash box can reduce your purchase cost, you can reduce the cost of eyelash sales, thereby promoting sales, it is up to you.
  • Mass customization of cardboard eyelash boxes, with minimum order quantity restrictions, and cheaper prices.
  • HRlashes has cardboard boxes in various colors. If you order eyelash samples, we provide cardboard eyelash boxes for free. The following video is our cardboard eyelash boxes. If you want to know more, please add my Whatsapp

2nd  Personalized Cardboard Eyelash Boxes .

  • This is the most commonly used material eyelash box on the market, most people choose this cardboard eyelash box. Not only because the material of the eyelash box is good, but also the price is reasonable.
  • You can choose any color you like and the style of the eyelash case you want, or you can add your own logo to the eyelash case, and the eyelash case factory will design and produce it for you.
  • At the same time, the transportation cost of the cardboard eyelash case will be much cheaper than the case of the acrylic case. Because the weight is much lighter than the box, so you don’t need to bear more shipping costs.
  • The types and patterns of cardboard eyelash boxes are particularly rich, round cardboard boxes, pull-out eyelash boxes, split eyelash boxes, rectangular eyelash cases, eyelash case with mirror and lights ,multiple pairs of eyelash boxes with windows

3rd  Cheap Plastic Eyelash Packaging Empty

  • The plastic packaging box is made of plastic. This packaging box is the cheapest eyelash box, which is cheaper than the cardboard box. We send eyelash samples to our customers. Usually plastic eyelash boxes are used. Customers who choose plastic packaging boxes will be in Replace the eyelash box after receiving the eyelashes,
  • Plastic eyelash boxes cannot be squeezed, cannot withstand high gravity, and are easily damaged. They are usually shipped to customers. We will make special marks on the outside of the box to prevent squeezing damage. Of course, we carefully remind customers that they receive eyelashes. The problem of being squeezed and deformed is rare.But we have safe way to solve this issues . Most customer receive them with safe ways.

4th Individualized Acrylic Eyelash Cases

  • Acrylic boxes is much better and harder than plastic boxes, and can not be damaged easily .
  • Those style box is clear plastic box , so that the customers can easily see the whole structure of the lashes, which will promote the sales.
  • So that many Lashes Vendor would like to choose the clear acrylic boxes , besides, this box is similar to the crystal box, seems very luxury and gorgeous.
  • Girls love them very much. And if you want to buy them now , you can Contact us to get the cheap wholesale price now .

5th Unique Design Metal Eyelash Cases 

  • Acrylic eyelashes are also popular eyelashes in the eyelash market. There are flip-type acrylic eyelashes, pull-out acrylic eyelashes, and multiple pairs of acrylic eyelashes.
  • Acrylic eyelashes are beautiful and fashionable. The only disadvantage is that they are relatively heavy and high in transportation costs. However, acrylic eyelashes can be printed quickly and efficiently with a 3D printer, and different customer logos can be printed, and they can be delivered quickly. You don’t have to wait too long .

If you want to know more ,  please contact  Catherine whatsapp:+86 175 6168 7023, Catherine Email address: .

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