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How to order eyelash samples before wholesale from vendor ?

How to start your eyelash career? How to learn more about your eyelash supplier? The eyelash business begins with the purchase of eyelashes, and high-quality eyelashes require a reliable eyelash supplier. Every day I receive a lot of consultations. They told me that I intend to engage in the eyelashes business. How do I start the eyelashes business? When you found me, it is no humble to say that you have found top1 in the eyelash industry, high-end eyelash supplier HRLASHES, so which style of mink eyelashes is suitable for retail to target customers? It starts with ordering eyelash samples.

 First, It is especially important to order mink eyelash samples before wholesale mink eyelashes. You first obtain a sufficient catalog of eyelash styles from the supplier according to your purchasing needs. You can ask the supplier for advice and choose their hot styles, because the hot styles are verified by time and customers. More popular with customers, different styles, different materials, different lengths, select the most popular models, and then inform the supplier.

transparent eyelashes showing box with three layers ,

   Secondly, after selecting satisfactory eyelashes, choose different styles of eyelashes packaging according to your needs. If your budget is not sufficient, you can choose the factory’s universal packaging box. Some of this universal packaging box are free and some Although the price is low, the price is not high, to reduce your starting pressure, you can also choose from the supplier ’s regular eyelash box catalog, because these boxes, they are usually stocked, and the delivery will not take up too long production time The budget is very generous, then you can design your own box and print your own LOGO, tell your factory carton design drawings, they will assist you to complete the design of the entire carton.

  Here, I want to emphasize that you should not choose low-quality and cheap eyelashes. This will cause you to lose a lot of customers at the beginning. The beautiful women who often wear eyelashes are very experienced. High-quality eyelashes and inferior eyelashes are comfortable after wearing I will tell them that you are a novice. You need high-quality eyelashes and high-quality eyelash suppliers to open up a road for you to help you get to the peak of your eyelash career.

   When both the eyelashes and the eyelashes box are selected, the next step is to confirm the delivery time and payment method. High-quality eyelash suppliers, best-selling eyelashes, usually in stock, they can ship the same day, and now the payment method of FMCG products is usually When PAYPAL payment is selected, you need to provide your email address and let the seller draft the PAYPAL payment bill for you. Before that, you need to have a Paypal registered account, and then pay according to the buyer’s billing link. It is to protect the interests of the buyer. It is impossible to receive the goods without payment or the seller does not ship the goods. After the seller sends the goods, according to the international express bill number, you can track your own samples. After the sample wearing experience and testing. Congratulations, you have completed the first step of your eyelash career, and you are ready for the purchase of large orders later.

  A perfect eyelashes sample purchase is completed successfully. Later, according to your needs, large quantities of large goods are purchased and the sales channel of eyelashes is broadened. Quickly contact HRLASHES for high-end eyelash production, I am Catherine, welcome to contact me whatsapp:+0086 175 6168 7023 .

How to start a eyelashes business ?

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