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How to make high quality pure hand 3D mink eyelashes ?

Making false eyelashes is a manual and delicate work. No matter from the initial design to the final production of finished products, every false eyelashes process needs to be very cautious. When you wear such delicate eyelashes, you have thought about small and beautiful fake Eyelashes, from the initial selection of hair to the crafting by professional craftsmen, how difficult it is. We are a high-grade mink eyelash supplier. We only make high-end mink eyelashes, supplying eyelashes of different lengths from 8-28MM, eyelash styles There are dense, dramatic, slender, natural and so on. In order to retain the spirituality of true natural eyelashes, we insist on 100% pure hand-made soul art and create beauty with heart. How to make high quality pure hand 3D mink eyelashes ?

As the main product produced by the company, 3D mink eyelashes are also the most popular high-end eyelashes. Its production process is more complicated. Here, follow my steps to understand the production process of 3D mink eyelashes.

3D Effect mink eyelashes production process is more complicated. Here is a brief description:

1.Pick mink fur and put mink fur hairs , we need put hairs with right angle and technique ,

2.Check the hairs ,be skillful and patient

3. Make it Multi- Layer

4.Adjust design to look beautiful

5.Put cotton and the hairs  

6. Apply glue to fix and avoid hairs shedding

7.Cut down the band to thin and comfortable

8.Keep it flat without wrinkles

9.Readjust the design

10.Roll and Curl it ,and then Put in Oven, Oven Process to have 3D fluffy Feeling,need be more careful ,

11.Apply glue to the ends of the eyelash bandage, carefully check it, use tweezers to gently install the tray, and then pack it in the box,

 False eyelashes process are successfully completed and carefully inspected layer by layer, and a careful pair of eyelashes are born. It is naturally soft and light and fluffy with a sense of layering. Our CANNES eyelash factory firmly believes in producing the highest quality luxury 3D mink hair. Perfect unique novel eyelashes, express yourself with CANNES eyelashes! Show yourself! Free yourself!

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