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How to Make False Eyelashes Reuse Multiple Times

How to make false eyelashes multiple times?All Right,This is probably one of the most asked questions in your false eyelash career.

To be Honest, Most mink false eyelashes can be reused about 25 times.

However, some customers report that the mink false eyelashes purchased from other suppliers will fall off one by one during use. Therefore, this is also one of the methods to distinguish high-quality false eyelashes from low-quality wholesale false eyelashes in the process of wearing eyelashes.

Mink false eyelash burning experiment:

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HRLashes’ Mink False Eyelashes Lashes Band uses very soft cotton thread. It is not easy to deform and comfortable and natural to wear.

In order to use the mink false eyelashes many times, we have summarized a few tips for your reference:

  • When removing makeup, apply a small amount of degreaser to the base of the eyelashes.
  • Gently remove it with a false eyelash aid.Remove makeup residue with makeup remover and cleanser
  • Then dry with a hair dryer or absorbent paper towel.Put the mink fake eyelashes back into the eyelash case.

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We wish you a brilliant Lashes career!