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How to make eyes become bigger? The false eyelashes are the most important!

The wearing skill for false eyelashes is really important! As mostly beginners have not gotten the skill of wearing, so make much glue around the eyes, which makes the wearing effect is unnatural.

Actually, you eyelashes will be longer and warped as long as you get the wearing skills for false eyelashes.

Firstly, please notice the state of model with non-eyelashes, we can see that her eyelashes have enough length but not warped, so we should use an false eyelash curler to clip her own eyelashes before use the false eyelashes. This method can push the degree of adhesion between her own eyelashes and false eyelashes, we suggest she clip more times, to get more warped.

Choose the false eyelashes.

We choose the original design for 3D mink eyelashes in China, which has the top-quality and good looking.

Mink lashes 3D22B

Please do not put out the  eyelashes by hand directly, we should use the applicator to get the eyelashes out softly.

And compare the length to the eyes. If you think the  eyelashes is too longer than your eyes, you can cut down to get the balance.

Apply the glue evenly, please notice do more and less, and wait for the glue becoming dry, it will be 1-1.5 mins, then use the applicator to help the false eyelashes bond to the front of her own eyelashes.

The last step : apple mascara to the brush to make the eyelashes more warped.