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How to identify High-quality Mink eyelashes ?

At present, there are a lot of high-quality mink eyelashes and inferior eyelashes on the market. The price of eyelashes is also very different, ranging from a few cents to more than 3 dollars.

For consumers, it is difficult for them to accurately and professionally distinguish the difference between high-quality eyelashes and inferior eyelashes. Here, from the perspective and identity of a professional 3D mink eyelash vendor who has been engaged in independent production and independent design for more than 15 years, If you have the fate, you must give some suggestions. Maybe you patiently read the following content and it will be of great help in selecting eyelashes for yourself in the later stage.

High-end eyelashes
inferior eyelashes

First, talk about the characteristics of mink eyelashes

Mink eyelashes: When it comes to mink eyelashes, let’s talk about the raw material for making mink eyelashes. The best part of mink hair is the mink’s tail hair. Mink hair is natural, so it has a beautiful natural luster, super lightweight and very soft , Giving people a delicate feel like feathers. The top of a good marten is sharp, and the top of a bad marten is flat.

The top of the mink should be a natural tip so that the eyelashes are light and natural, not stiff.

Eyelashes made with mink hair are high-end eyelashes. The characteristics of mink eyelashes, from the appearance, they have a natural fluffy appearance. After wearing, the sense of superiority and beauty is fully displayed, basically no one says that it is not true. The other eyelash belt is where all the hair is attached and fixed. Good eyelash bands are soft and comfortable, while bad eyelash bands are stiff, straight and easily cause eyelashes to fall off.

In the past decade, many eyelash companies have closed down, but we have become the leader of the eyelash industry on the way. Why?

1. Eyelashes are excellent in technology and unique in design.

Our 3D marten is 100% handmade. Skilled workers can only produce dozens of pairs of 3D eyelashes per day. We must ensure that the False Mink lashes are symmetrical, beautiful, and have consistent hair ends. Our mink has the same number of eyelashes. When you receive the goods, you will know that from raw materials to craftsmanship, there is a big difference in comfort and appearance.

2. High-quality mink eyelashes raw materials used,

We use the longest hair on the mink tail. The hair peaks are long and not truncated. Eliminate cheap and low-end raw materials, and control eyelash quality from the source of raw materials.


As a professional mink eyelashes vendor Our products are sold to customers in a beautiful and tasteful manner. Customers who want to create a brand, customers who grasp the trend, customers with vision, the quality and style of our eyelashes are definitely the most competitive.

Comment your thoughts and questions below. I will continue to introduce another material of our company’s eyelashes,Welcome to contact my whatsapp: +86 175 6168 7023 , I wish you all the best day!