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How to Distinguish the Pros and Cons of the Eyelash Band?

The Development of Things Goes Back to an Order for False Eyelash Samples. Ola is Going to Start Her Own Mink Eyelash Business .A Few Days ago,She Made a Eyelash Sample Order From Our Lashes Company.The Style She Selected is the Hot Selling Mink Eyelashes 3D22C.Usually Ship Out Via DHL express.And She Received the Lashes within 3Days.

But she was Really Disappointed When She Open the Lashes Packaging. That Surprised me.Usually our false eyelash customers are very excited when they receive Mink eyelashes. Because Each pair of Eyelashes in our Lashes Factory are handmade. Each pair of Mink eyelash is an unique piece of art!

“Is There Any Problem With that Mink Eyelashes?” I Asked.

“Yes,the eyelash band is very thin.”

OMG! It’s incredible. But I also thought that because she was just starting her false eyelash career. So she didn’t know enough about many professional false eyelashes. Will be misled by those bad suppliers. It ’s so pitiful! I really want to help her.I calmed down for a few minutes and thought about how to teach her the pros and cons of Mink Lashes Band.

Dear Ola,As the Video Shows,Our Eyelash Band is Very Thin.You know this is our designer’s iterative modification time and time again based on the Lashes customer’s wearing experience. It was finally decided to use the softest cotton as the raw material for Lashes Brand.

The Mink eyelash Band is the part closest to the eyes. If the band is too thick, it can cause eye discomfort and foreign body sensation if worn for a long time. The finer the band, the more the professionalism of the manual master is tested. All the masters in our false eyelash factory have undergone rigorous training before they start making false eyelashes. The mink eyelashes made by an excellent craftsman must be worn to feel how high quality he is. It’s not about hearing what the false eyelashes business should be. You have to make your own judgment.

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You can wear the contrast and feel it. Is it thick or thin?

A few days later, she placed a wholesale mink eyelash order from our false eyelash factory. All 100 pairs of false eyelashes were sold out within 15 days. She is very happy to work with us. She is Also very grateful to us for providing her with such high-quality Mink eyelashes so that her eyelashes business will be so smooth.

She told me she suddenly wanted to understand. The thickness of the Eyelash Band is like the nail art we do. It’s much harder to draw a thin line on your nails than to draw a thick one. Test the professionalism of the manicurist more.

We have become a business partner fighting together, and she is getting better and better!

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