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How to Custom Faux Eyelashes Packing Boxes ?

As the proverb says, three points of appearance, seven points of dress , this words is prefect for false eyelash. Good Faux Eyelashes packing makes eyelash look high-grade and matchless, beautiful and infinite, Let the customer have the additional desire to buy . The box conveys aesthetic, thought, and attitude towards false eyelash products, but how to custom Faux eyelashes packing boxes ?

In today’s information explosion, people’s choices often follow the first feeling, so the false eyelash box is the beginning of the customer’s various faux eyelash products.

About false eyelash pack, introduce with everybody below and show common eyelash box together!

First, introduce the classification of eyelash box;

According to the shape of eyelash box:  diamond eyelashes box, rectangle eyelashes box, square eyelashes box, round eyelashes box (including cylinder eyelashes box ), triangle eyelashes box, hexagon eyelashes box, many pairs of boxes ;

According to the material of eyelash box:  cardboard eyelashes box, paper card eyelashes box, plastic eyelashese box, acrylic eyelashes box, metal eyelashes box,

According to the surface of the eyelash box: normal eyelashes paper and specialty paper, among which special paper includes: laser silver, starlight, lizard paper and crocodile, etc.

Fixed several eyelashes box shape though, but the style of eyelash box is varied, full of beautiful things in eyes, box, such as a rectangle eyelash with the window, also eyelashes window reflected the creativity, the shape of heart-shaped, round, rectangular, special-shaped, with built-in mirror of the eyelashes, drawer box, the opposite open box , have different glitter card.

In addition to the individuality creative design, logo is special box of surface treatment and decorative pattern, the box has a variety of surface treatment way, such as hot stamping Foil, UV, Hologram Hot Stamp, Glossy lamination ,Matt lamination ,Deboss, ordinary printing processing  etc.

The Logo of the box reflects different styles and emotional appeal according to the customer’s positioning and requirements. Of course, in the process of production, there will be related accessories, there is a crystal knob, there is a box corner with horn guard, the card different colors of gold onion paper . 

Good false eyelash packaging can play a very good role in promotion. In addition to custom-made mink eyelash brand information on the packaging, you should also add your business information in the right place, which can have a good publicity effect on a company. The distinctive false eyelash packaging box makes it easier for customers to impress.

As a professional mink eyelash supplier, in addition to producing high-end mink eyelashes, we can also accept customized eyelashes packaging. Our company has its own team to help customers design customized packaging and LOGO. Therefore, if you do not have your own logo , Welcome to contact me  — Gloria Whatsapp: +86 175 6168 7023 .