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How to custom eyelashes box?

Dear friend ,High-end eyelashes, combined with exquisite packaging, is a huge attraction and temptation for consumers. For Eyelashes wholesalers, distributors or retailers, they have their own brand and if they can print their own brand LOGO, It is made outside the eyelash box, which is undoubtedly a promotion of your own brand and will leave a good professional impression to customers. What process steps are needed to custom eyelashes box ? The following is a brief introduction to the eyelash case :

1. The custom packaging box needs to communicate with the manufacturers.

(1) The customer needs to tell the manufacturer what kind of packaging and box shape? If the customer has a sample on hand, he can customize it according to the sample. If not, he needs to design. Generally, printing companies have design departments. It should be pointed out that some manufacturers charge design fees, while others do not. For OnlyCannes, for example, they have the heart and soul of serving customers, so they do not charge any design fees.

(2) What is the quantity of communication printing? How long is the delivery ? How much is the price? Design requirements?

2.Signing a contract for a custom packaging box

(1) Confirm the style, material, size, design and production cycle of the box, and sign a cooperation agreement

(2) Material selection Select the main and auxiliary materials of the box. Common materials: coated paper, white cardboard, craft paper, etc.

(3) Printing, calculating and determining the price according to the material and quantity.

(4) Production cycle Confirm the design cycle (1-3 days) and delivery cycle (7-15 days).

3. Proofing of custom packaging box According to the confirmed design or the provided reference sample box, provide the style requirements, LOGO printing, product graphic materials, etc., and confirm the design plan to make a sample.

4. Mass production Sample confirmation is used as the inspection standard for mass production, and production is completed before delivery.

5. Inspection and acceptance The customer inspects the product, checks the quantity and quality, and confirms that the full payment is paid without error.

The following picture is our company box catalogue .

OnlyCannes welcomes new and old customers to consult and purchase. We are willing to work with you to create a win-win situation and seek common development. If you want to know more about the customized eyelashes box, you can login to our website at any time to inquire or contact me Whatsapp :+86 175 6168 7023, we will release some information about the products on a regular basis.