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How to choose fake eyelashes for your eye shape

How to choose fake eyelashes for your eye shape? Follow Hrlashes mink lashes suppliers ,Start your Beauty journey eyelashes business from this moment !

There are so many eyelash styles,such as 20mm lashes, individual mink lashes,faux mink lashes, natural mink lashes, the eye shapes are different, and the eyes are set against and decorated with false eyelashes. When the eyes are opened, the eyes will be more dynamic and energetic. When Customers wholesale mink lashes, they can choose between different eyelash lengths, shapes and densities, But how do you know what eyelashes fit your eye shape? So let’s get started! How to choose the best lashes for your eye shape?

First, determine your eye shape. Everyone’s eye shape is unique to them and may not accurately describe your eye shape, but we can be very close. There are five different eye shapes described here, including Deep Set, Round, mono-lidded, downturned ,Prominent and so on. Each different shape has a corresponding eyelash to maximize your eyes. 

Deep Set  Prominent Eyes

Deep set eyes tend to be larger and are situated beneath the brow bone. Accentuating your eyes is easy! Simply choose a longer lash length that curls up and out away from the brow bone since those with deep set eyes tend to get mascara on their brow bone.With prominent eyes, your eyes are big , bright , and alluring all on their own !A lash styles with natural , varying short to medium lash lengths will provide a lightweight yet stunning addition to your eyes , We want to accentuate that lovely lash line , I recommend the follow styles for natural and glam looks .

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Round eyes typically show most of the iris in the eye and are, well, round. A light, curly lash is the way to go for this eye shape. Try to avoid heavier styles because they can weigh down your eyes and make them appear smaller. cheap lashes silk lash is very sutiable for round eyes .

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 Mono-lidded eyes are flat on the surface and are often lacking in a crease or may not have one at all. For this eye shape choosing a multi-layered and top heavy style of lash to open up the eyes. Think fluttery and you’re on the right track.

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Down turned Eyes

For my ladies with down turned eyes. We want to extend the outer corners of your eyes and create length along that lash line. You unquestionably have the perfect eye shape for an attention grabbing , luscious , and voluminous cat-eye look: a look that will really draw attention to your eyes in the best way , I recommend the following styles for a lifted and balanced eyelash appearance.

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