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How to choose eyelash package?

Eyelash package come in different materials and shapes. How to choose eyelash package for your eyelashes? Follow Catherine and choose the right eyelash packaging!

More and more eyelash boxes are entering the market. Everyone hopes to attract customers with different packaging. Appropriate packaging can indeed quickly attract consumers’attention and increase purchases. However, customers buy eyelashes. Over-packing, I do not agree When the customer opens the exquisite package, the quality of the eyelashes in front of them is very poor. Will the consumer feel fooled or disappointed?

The packaging should be suitable, highlight the eyelashes, render the eyelashes, and achieve the promotional effect. How to choose a packaging that matches the eyelashes? Years of experience have been accumulated, let’s share with you:

For light and natural models, 3D styles and A styles, choose small and exquisite packaging. For middlemen, it can not only highlight the effect of eyelashes, but also save shipping costs and save space for consumers. If you just start to work on eyelashes for a career, just a few eyelash boxes will do.

For multi-layered eyelashes and thicker eyelashes, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger eyelash box to better protect the eyelashes. Some boxes have mirrors, some do not have mirrors, and the cost of mirrors is higher. I just started the eyelash business. The budget is limited, so you don’t need to bring a mirror. Now the mobile phone is very convenient. It can help customers reduce costs. Eyelash curling. You can also choose a square holder.

To make a cardboard eyelash box, it is best to choose a style with a window, so that customers or consumers can see the eyelashes at a glance, which can extend the life of the box.

If you choose 25mm long eyelashes, 6D/8D large eyelashes, this kind of eyelashes is long. In order to highlight the eyelashes, you should choose a slightly larger box. The best choice is a square box with a window.

If you are worried that the flip-top magnet box will automatically open when you put it in the bag for a long time, which may damage the eyelashes, you can choose to pull the transparent box, which is very useful.

For makeup artists, photo studios, etc., eyelash books can be made, allowing customers to clearly see all eyelash styles and quickly choose their favorite eyelashes.

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