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How Mink Lashes Change My Life?

Some people invest in fur coats, fur couch throws, or fur boots. But my most extravagant fur splurge came from a trip to the hrLashes in China, when I got my very own set of mink eyelashes. And yes, when I say mink, I am talking about eyelashes made of real fur. And yes, it completely changed my life—or, at least, my eyes.


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My eyelashes are relatively dark and lengthy to begin with, so I wondered if the false would make a noticeable difference, but I still wanted to get in on the mink obsession. Not going to lie though—I was a little freaked out to think that I’d have some poor animal’s hair superglued to my eyelashes, but the promise of having safe, longer, more beautiful lashes for 30 times using  pretty quickly wiped away any of my initial weird feelings.

After removing all of my eye makeup, Crouch adhere pads to my lower lashes to keep them from getting stuck while she glued on the top lashes, explaining that the reason mink lashes are currently getting so much buzz is because they actually look like real lashes, but infinitely better. Unlike their shiny, polyester counterparts, mink lashes are insanely soft, curly, and lightweight, meaning you can layer them up to get maximum volume and still walk away with a highly natural look. All of which sounded exactly perfect to me.

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