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How many times can you reuse false eyelashes?

For those wearing false eyelashes, they can best understand that a pair of false eyelashes can perfectly complement facial features and makeup. High-quality high-end mink eyelashes are not cheap to buy. How many times can you reuse false eyelashes, how safe is it to do so ? In this blog, we will introduce the service life of eyelashes and how to maintain your eyelashes, so that you can maximize the use value of each pair of eyelashes.

Can you reuse false eyelashes?

Yes, false eyelashes can be reused, but how many times they are used depends on the manufacturing process of the eyelashes, the quality of the eyelashes, and the degree of care for the false eyelashes.

How many times can you use false eyelashes?

It depends on the quality of the eyelashes and the degree of cleaning and maintenance. Ordinary artificial eyelashes can be worn on average 5-10 times, while mink eyelashes are more durable and can be worn 30 times after proper care. The firmness of the eyelash band greatly affects the number of wearing.

How to make false eyelashes longer

1. Gently pull it up, then start from the outer corner of the eyes

When removing false eyelashes, please tighten the eyelash belt and carefully pull away from the outer corner of the eyes. Avoid pulling on single lashes, as this may pull out the single lashes and destroy the shape of the false eyelashes.

2. Avoid using mascara or other cosmetics on false eyelashes

Avoid using mascara or any other cosmetics directly on the false eyelashes or the eyelash belt, as this will make the eyelashes more difficult to clean.

3. Correctly clean false eyelashes

Regularly clean false eyelashes to protect your eyes from bacteria and keep your eyelashes in good condition. After washing the eyelashes, you can dry them with soft paper or a hair dryer.

4. Dry and store safely

Place the lashes in a clean place to dry them, and store them in the lash box after drying. Storing them in the lash box can help them maintain the curve and maintain the 3D effect, making it easier to apply.

What are the best reusable false eyelashes?

If you want to minimize the wear of false eyelashes, choose 3D mink eyelashes because they are more durable than synthetic eyelashes and thinner strap eyelashes.

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