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How about the wand eyelashes?—The best Vegan eyelashes

Wand eyelashes are a new type of eyelashes that have appeared in recent years. They are more refined than traditional Faux mink eyelashes. Wand eyelashes are black and shiny from the appearance, and have good gloss, but the difference is that wand eyelashes have a shorter taper when they are worn. But wand eyelashes is the best vegan eyelashes .

Choices are different due to the needs of different customers around the world and the different cultures and religions of customers in each region. In order to solve this problem, our research department also provides wand eyelashes through experiments to facilitate customers. We have made technical improvements from the chemical treatment of eyelashes by general suppliers, usually using sulfated syrup, which has a pungent chemical smell. If used for a long time, it will seriously damage our skin and real eyelashes, and even endanger our health.

Our original design developed wand false eyelashes, which does not have the plasticity of most wand false eyelashes on the market, and it will not be stiff. Our wand eyelashes are curled through a physical heat treatment process without any chemical treatment. Through temperature control technology, wand lashes are free from any odor. It is designed as the most popular arc and unique style, it is also more comfortable and soft to wear, bringing more confidence and beauty to consumers.

Good eyelashes are coated with good eyelashes glue on both ends of the eyelashes. The color is transparent and there is no odor. Bad eyelashes glue will spread on the eyelashes. It is not easy to wash. The color is cloudy and stinky. For retailers or distributors and wholesalers who are engaged in eyelash line business, if you plan to start your mink eyelash business well, please do not try to buy a lot of inferior eyelashes cheaply. I want to focus more on the characteristics and quality of the eyelashes, not just the price. Only having good eyelashes can expand your eyelash business. The quality is different, the texture is different, and the price is definitely different.

We can confidently say that at present, only our company owns this technology, and this technology is also our core competitiveness. We all insist on using the highest quality raw materials and the most fashionable designs. Stable quality improves the satisfaction of the customer experience, and we constantly introduce new styles to suit the trend. We have been able to accumulate a group of long-term customers. Fast delivery enables customers to stabilize the supply of goods and better meet customer needs. We work hard to cancel after-sales service because we strive to do our best, without disadvantages, we are the manufacturer and leader of the eyelash market.

Whether you choose mink eyelashes or vegan eyelashes, we are your best choice. Only when you are strong can your suppliers be strong together!

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