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Halloween essentials – custom 8D mink eyelashes

Good news, good news, Super-long unique 8D mink eyelashes come out–custom 8D mink eyelashes .

For Halloween, our new custom false eyelashes will make you beautiful directly and uniquely beautiful.

As a famous False eyelashes vendor, HRlashes has always been committed to the production and development of high-end eyelashes, custom mink eyelashes, colored eyelashes, vegetarian eyelashes, and custom false eyelashes that suit their own eye shapes. As a company leading the eyelash industry trend, HRlashes continues to innovate, develops and innovates, and regularly introduces new eyelashes. Each eyelash is hand-made by experienced eyelash craftsmen. For Halloween this year, we launch Super-long 8D mink eyelashes and sell them in limited quantities .

This mink eyelashes, about 36mm-40mm in length, are naturally curled, soft and comfortable, luxurious and charming, stylish and avant-garde, with a slightly shorter front part and slightly longer false eyelashes at the middle and tail, which increase the eye appeal. The soft cotton stem will make the eye area more comfortable and make the eyelid line deeper.

Have you bought all your gear for Halloween? Want to be the focus? Try it now, to order new eyelashes–custom 8D mink eyelashes , please contact me whatsapp: + 86 175 6168 7023 .

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