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faux mink lashes VS silk lashes

Source of faux mink

Most of the people don’t know the difference of faux mink eyelash and silk lashes, in fact their material is the same, only the name different. The name of faux mink lashes begins after mink lashes come into the market, in order to meet some vegan client’s demands, we developed synthetic fiber lashes, and named it faux eyelash. Then more and more factory use this name, but we like special, so we gave up it, and from 2 years ago, we have a new name for synthetic fiber lashes—3D silk lashes, because lashes looks like silk, soft and light!

How looks like our 3D silk lashes


Material of 3D silk lashes is synthetic fiber: 100% nylon. Material of band is 100% cotton, The band of ours lashes is very soft and comfortable, In order to everyone can check our quality, as a manufacture, ours min.order is 1 pair, so welcome all to check our quality! Try it once and love it for life!

faux mink eyelash
Faux mink eyelash

So if you are vegan, if you want cruelly free, you can buy 3D silk lashes, faux mink eyelash, this is the same.

Finally, Here Attached the New Arrival of our Wand Vegan Mink Lashes for your reference. Which is the Eyelash for vegetarian.

This Kind of Vegan Mink Lashes is the Innovative Faux Mink Eyelash. More Soft and Flight.HRLASHES Always adhere to the original design and innovation of false eyelashes. Continuously leading the new trend of the global false eyelash market!More and more false eyelash customers are beginning to understand the quality of false eyelashes in our factory. Also established good business cooperation with us.

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