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Common quality problem of eyelashes

False eyelashes professional knowledge series (5)

—–Beginners guide for the Common quality problem of eyelashes

Have you ever had such an experience, when you buy eyelashes, gently pull it with your hand, or the eyelashes will fall off a large amount of hair, or touch it gently, the hair will break easily, or the eyelash straps are stiff, it is difficult to rub, but not It’s sturdy. After wearing it, the eyes are particularly uncomfortable and heavy, or the eyelashes have no 3D effect, and the beauty is not highlighted. What is the reason? These are caused by the quality problem of eyelashes. Eyelashes with quality problems are worrying after wearing. The small heart always reminds you to hang up.

  How to avoid these situations when choosing eyelashes? What are the common quality problems of eyelashes ?

  Common quality problem of eyelashes : Attach good and bad contrast pictures to help compare and highlight the effect

1. Eyelashes are prone to fall off in large quantities, usually during the process of making eyelashes.

2. Eyelashes are easy to break, and they will break when gently pulled by hand. This is mainly due to excessive temperature during the process of production;

3. Eyelashes have no hair peaks, flat, no three-dimensional feeling, 3D effect is not obvious, high-quality high-end eyelashes have hair peaks, 3D effect is very obvious,

4. The eyelashes and eyeliners are easy to break, the eyeliners are easily deformed and stiff, do not fit the eyelids, and fall off easily, which increases the burden on the eyelids after wearing. It fits well, the eyes don’t feel heavy, and it’s light and unburdened.

5. The quality of the eyelash glue is not good, and there is an odor. Because of the poor quality glue, it is also easy to cause large pieces of eyelashes to fall off. The glue on the market has uneven color and the entire eyelash liner is applied during the application of eyelashes. This is the most likely to cause eyelashes to break, and our glue has no odor and uniform color. When applying, it is mainly applied on both ends of the eyelashes. It will not allow excess glue to be applied to the eyelash straps.

6. High-quality eyelashes, soft and natural hair, high flexibility, high resilience, different styles and different effects, high similarity of the same eyelashes, inferior eyelashes, stiff hair, low flexibility, low resilience, different styles are similar, look Not much difference,

I have listed the possible quality problems of eyelashes one by one to help you choose better. For our HRLASHES, we have been focusing on the production of eyelashes for 15 years. We have sold eyelashes. For quality problems, we all use magnifying glass to inspect our products. You who love beauty, find us! Our products make you very worry-free. Welcome to follow us on whatsapp: +86 175 6168 7023.

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