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False eyelashes professional knowledge series thickness of false eyelashes

—The length and thickness of false eyelashes

My eyelashes are not long, but I want to have long, thick, curled eyelashes, what should I do? Of course, using false eyelashes, wearing false eyelashes, it makes our eyes look bigger, brighter, fuller, and more divine. Want to know what factors affect the effect of wearing false eyelashes? The wearing effect of false eyelashes is firstly affected by the length of false eyelashes.

The lengths of false eyelashes are usually of these types, short section 13mm or less, medium length 13-16mm, long section 16mm–22mm, super long section 25mm, 28mm, 30mm The short eyelashes are naturally three-dimensional, the middle eyelashes are generously curled, the long eyelashes are smart and elegant, and the super long eyelashes are sexy and fashionable. Eyelashes of different lengths bring different beauty after wearing. Kinas designs eyelashes of different lengths and different styles according to the needs of different customers, 3D natural models, DM / DL medium length models, DH / DB / DX super long So far, 1788 eyelashes have been designed. Of course, new products are constantly being launched. These are enough for you to choose the high-end eyelashes you like.

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The wearing effect of false eyelashes is also affected by the curling degree. In the pair of hairs, the curling degree of the eyelashes is usually described by the 3D effect. Some curls are slight, some 3D effects are obvious, and some have a strong three-dimensional effect. From front, side, looking up, looking down, looking at eyelashes from different angles, some curls are cute, some curls are charming, some curls are luxurious, and curls are full of different beauty.

The thickness of false eyelashes also affects the wearing effect of false eyelashes, but for mink eyelashes, the thickness of mink eyelashes is usually 0.07mm. This thick eyelashes are soft, light and natural, which is closest to our own eyelashes For other materials such as the thickness of chemical fiber eyelashes, because of the artificial production adjustment, there are thick and thin, there are more choices, but mink eyelashes 0.07mm thick eyelashes are best for our eyes.

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