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False eyelashes professional knowledge series Shapes of eyelashes

— Beginners guide for Shapes of eyelashes

Different styles of eyelashes, different layers of eyelashes, and then 3D processing, show a variety of eyelash styles, and after wearing, they reflect different charms and styles. What are the shapes of eyelashes  after wearing?

Everyone has different eye shape and different face shape. Even after wearing the same eyelashes, the feeling is different. According to the arrangement of eyelashes, there are two types:

The first type: fan shape: the middle is long and the sides are short. The focus is in the middle of the eyes, so cute kawaii

The second type: flying shape: the inner corner of the eye is the shortest and the outer corner of the eye is the longest. The transition from short to long. The focus is on the outer corner of the eyes, showing the charming charm.

In layman’s terms:

1.if your eyes are long-eyed, if you want your eyes to be round and cute, it is suitable to choose a longer middle style. Or trim the false eyelashes slightly shorter on both sides to highlight the middle eyelashes.

2.If the round-eyed beauty wants to have the feeling of long eyes and phoenixes, you can choose the long tail.

3. But the tail tip is a more exaggerated style. If you wear natural false eyelashes, you will trim off the short part behind the false eyelashes, leaving a longer part.


Now you know the Shape of eyelashes, Thank you for patiently listening to me. Welcome to leave me a message Whatsapp:+0086 175 6168 7023 , and comment. In the coming days, I will continue to exchange other characteristics of eyelashes.

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