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False eyelashes professional knowledge series high end mink eyelashes

Beginners guide for Hrlashes high-end mink Eyelashes

We are HRLASHES eyelash manufacturer, focusing on the production and development of eyelashes for 15 years. We only produce HRLASHES high-end mink eyelashes. The reason why it is called high-end is not to shout slogans and give a high-end eyelashes, but to speak with the product, and we speak with the feeling after using the product.

The production of high-end eyelashes is different from ordinary eyelash processing. First of all, we start with the selection of materials. High-end mink eyelashes use good raw materials. Our design team found that the human eyelashes are cylindrical and have hair peaks. We study that each hair of the human eyelashes is thin. In order to ensure the natural eyelashes, only the tail mink hair under two years old meets the requirements. The craftsmen picked the mink hair with straight hair peaks one by one from the natural hair mink hair as raw materials.

   The carefully selected mink hair is not yet suitable for direct eyelashes. We have developed a unique process formula for the characteristics of mink hair. These selected high-quality hairs are cut, disinfected, dyed, and hair scales are removed. This process is used to shape the eyelashes. Prepare, with this exquisite raw material treatment process, the eyelashes we produced later are more fluffy, softer and more three-dimensional, which is impossible for many low-end eyelash manufacturers.

Not every worker can make eyelashes. You choose different styles of eyelashes. We also choose workers with different temperaments. Our workers must be carefully selected. First of all, they must be patient, beautiful, and responsible. Our Workers must be trained for at least half a year, from basic eyelash production material selection training, to learning company culture, understanding our pursuit of beauty, recognizing and following our ideas, and through the selection and training of workers to make fine eyelashes, pass The beauty of spiritual eyelashes. After 15 years of eyelash production, we have cultivated a batch of skilled and skillful craftsmen. They are diligently working on the front line of eyelash production to make each pair of eyelashes passing through their hands more perfect.

The smaller the things, the more patience is required, and the more detailed the things, the more one can show one’s taste. You use more than just a pair of ordinary eyelashes, it is the result of our pursuit of beauty, choose Hrlashes whatsapp:+ 0086 175 6168 7023 , choose a high-quality life. . . .

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