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High-end mink eyelashes

False eyelashes professional knowledge series (7)

—Beginners guide for High-end Mink Eyelashes Unique R & D Innovation

We are a Hrlashes manufacturer, focusing on the production and development of eyelashes for 15 years. We only produce Hrlashes high-end mink eyelashes. In the previous article, we described that to produce high-end mink eyelashes, we need to select high-quality raw materials and skilled craftsmen. These two aspects are far from enough, and we need to ensure that each process of eyelash production Strict operation.

In the process of producing eyelashes, a very important process is hair swinging. Use Eyelashes tweezers to place the selected hairs one by one according to the drawings and put them into the shape of the eyelashes according to the designer ’s concept. The number of false eyelashes is the same, ensuring that the left and right eyes are symmetrical.

Choose the silicone that is suitable for the human body to bond the eyelashes that have been formed. The workers must maintain high patience. This process requires extremely high ambient temperature. The appropriate environment and temperature can bond the eyeliner less than 2mm firmly. , No overflow glue, to ensure that the eyeliner is soft, comfortable and perfect.

 Then the excess mink hair is cut off. This process is also very critical. If the cut is not accurate, the part that needs to be kept may be cut off, causing the eyelashes to fall off easily during later use.

The most critical process is stereotypes, which are produced according to different styles. Our R & D team will use different formulas to shape according to the different thickness of eyelashes. The hot and cold treatment method and unique formula make the product show a layered and orderly messy beauty (called 3D mink eyelashes), ensuring that each pair of eyelashes produced is natural and perfect.

Our designers have high-end ideas, constantly follow the fashion and makeup trends, according to different periods, different people’s ideas, different pursuits of beauty, natural, conservative, open, bold … Study them The eye shape, skin color and other audience groups design the style drawings of different people through the golden ratio, which better and more accurately highlights the characteristics of each person.

    The last process is inspection. In order to eliminate the messy hair, workers should carefully check, usually use a magnifying glass to inspect eyelashes, and reject unqualified products.

A pair of perfect eyelashes is born. Our packaging designer needs to discuss and communicate with customers to design exquisite packaging. When a unique packaging box with a customer’s logo is produced, the worker carefully puts the eyelashes in A pair of perfect eyelashes are packaged and delivered to the customer by express delivery.

The smaller the things, the more patience is needed, and the more detailed the things, the more one can show one’s taste.

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