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Eyelashes Business , How To Custom ?

We are a high-end eyelash manufacturer, a professional design team, superb manual eyelash production craftsmen, unique eyelash raw material processing technology, mature eyelash production management, strict testing standards, for each eyelash operator who has ideas and creativity and Consumers provide Eyelashes customized services.

We accept customization related to eyelashes, what are the aspects of customization?

Custom eyelash design

Customers can choose from our existing design styles or provide their own design ideas, we can customize the length, color, curl and thickness of eyelashes according to your requirements.

Custom private label

We accept trademarks, labels provided by customers, and we can also help with label development and design.

Custom eyelashes packaging

Customers can provide the vector diagram of the designed Eyelashes packaging box or inform us of your expectations and ideas. We design according to your requirements, and can also reproduce the customized improvements on the standard packaging.

Eyelash customization process, our team will work with you to provide the whole process from concept to production for your customized solution.

step 1

Customers tell us about eyelash style, related quantity, own brand/logo and other information.

Step 2

We make quotations based on the information and/or select and recommend from our current range of eyelashes.

Step 3

Customers comment on our quotation. Sample production, production cycle discussion, payment method discussion.

Step 4

The customer completes the payment and we start production.

custom cost

What is the cost of customization? This cannot be generalized, only the total estimated cost of your private label product can be determined based on the selected product plus packaging, quantity, labeling requirements and processing details. We can provide you with pre-production samples.

Those who have customized ideas and want to do Eyelashes customized services don’t wait, don’t hesitate, contact me quickly, leave it to us, rest assured! Contact my Whatsapp : +86 175 6168 7023 .

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