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Diamond handle square eyelash packaging wholesale

Do you like the vertical drawer lash pack with diamond handles? We offer custom eyelash boxes for small eyelash business owners. Custom eyelash box packaging is designed to store your wholesale false eyelashes. You can upload the background you want to personalize your drawer eyelash case.

This glitter eyelash pack is designed with a crocodile print finish. You can use this glitter eyelash case to store your favorite lashes. The inner box is designed with a shiny surface and the color can be customized to meet your requirements.

The drawer-type eyelash package above is made of ordinary coated paper, which is convenient for us to choose the pattern of paper freely, print the design related to our own brand freely, and customize the size of the window. Please contact us if you like.

These drawer-style eyelash cases are designed with diamond handles, transparent diamond handles, and gold diamond handles. You can choose from a variety of colors to design your drawer eyelash case, and print personal labels or eyelash logos according to your requirements.

It is very friendly to eyelash business beginners, please feel free to contact us to obtain your wholesale mink eyelashes and packaging.