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Customize own eyelash packaging

In the last blog we detailed the sample lash packaging we have in stock.However, this kind of packaging is more helpful for customers who just start eyelash line, and less effective for customers who have been in business for a while.

So,today I will introduce our customized lashes packaging in detail.

Customized eyelash packaging first needs to know which aspects of customization.There are mainly box material, box shape, box size, box logo and text, text and logo printing process.

1.Box material

Our boxes are made of 5 materials: ordinary paper, snakeskin paper, starshine paper, laser silver and plastic.

Boxes of different materials have different effects and different prices.

2.Box shape

We have square, rectangle, circle, hexagon and triangle shapes.Each shape of eyelash box will have a different shape of plastic base to match it.The presence of this plastic backing also limits the size and shape of the eyelash box.If you want to customize a box in a shape or size that we don’t have, you have to remake the mold.The molding cost of the box is very cheap and negligible.

However, the mold opening fee of the matching plastic support is $400, which is too high for most customers to afford.So usually the customer will choose the shape and size of the eyelash box we have.Of course, some customers have customized the unique shape of the box, which cost us $400 to re-open.

3.Box size

The size of the box depends on the size of the eyelashes.Currently, false eyelashes on the market are 11mm, 13mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, and 28mm in length.When customizing a box, be sure to determine how long eyelashes to hold, if not the right size.There may be pressure hair and other phenomena, affecting the quality of eyelashes.

4.Logo and text of the box

These contents are provided by the customer and printed on the box. These are the main contents of the box.Only by matching logo, color and text together with our special printing technology and material, can we customize a unique eyelash box.

5.Printing process of text and logo

Our printing process is mainly divided into two kinds, ordinary printing and bronzing.The effect and price of these two processes are not the same, bronzing is more expensive, the effect is better.The color of printing and gilding can be changed, we can make any color.

These 5 parts are the content that we must know to customize the box.Only by working together can we create the perfect eyelash box.



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