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Custom Square Eyelash Box Wholesale

Square star flash paper eyelash box wholesale

The size of this square glitter paper eyelash box is 8cm*8cm, and the weight of 10 is 0.23g. It is cute and small, saving space and freight.

The box that star flash designs can let your eyelash box more extraordinary.

The design of the window allows customers to see the eyelashes inside without opening the eyelash packaging box so that you can check the style of eyelashes inside.

There are many different colors for you to match the color of the eyelash pack, the shiny surface of the eyelash pack is cool, super beautiful, and unforgettable.

Square flash magnetic eyelash packs are very popular in the eyelash industry and many customers like to get color flash magnetic eyelash packs with private label printing to start their small business.

How do I print a LOGO?

Transparent large window design can be made to paste the LOGO, paste on the bracket. Very cost-saving.

Transparent small window design, you can print the logo at the bottom of the box window. Very visible.