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Custom Mink Eyelash Package private Label 3D Mink Eyelash Case Label FAQ

HRLASHES mink eyelashes wholesale can provide custom Mink eyelash package private label,  we can  custom lashes cases according to your requirements.

Why Mink Lashes packaging is necessary?

It is very necessary to make an eyelash box belonging to your unique brand. For eyelash vendors, one Boxes of mink eyelashes with your own private label will be silent advertisements, enhancing your reputation. For consumers, a delicate eyelash box can better store eyelashes and prolong the use of eyelashes.

Pink glitter Eyelashes box

How many kinds of eyelash packaging boxes do you have?

Luxury mink lashes put in luxury lashes boxes look beautiful . At present we have many kinds of eyelash packaging boxes, including cardboard eyelash boxes for eyelash sample packaging, acrylic transparent boxes, magnet boxes, different styles and shapes, many patterns, novel boxes, each box, you can add the customer’s private logo .

Is there an MOQ for mink eyelash boxes?

If you choose eyelash case styles from our company’s regular eyelash case catalog, there is no MOQ. Fortunately, we have a small amount of stock and fast delivery. Please tell us the code of your selected eyelash case. These eyelash cases can still be printed Private logo, if you want to customize your own eyelash box, the minimum order is 100 boxes,

It is warmly recommended that novice eyelashes who do not have enough funds to reach the MOQ can choose some popular mink eyelash boxes that we have produced, and they can order directly without our MOQ.

If you want to make your own logo, please provide AI format or contact me for design help. Our company can print the pattern directly.

What kinds of private LOGO printing are available for eyelash box?

1: Make the sticker stick on the bottom or lid of the box. In this way, the cost is reduced, but it does not look upscale or luxurious.

2: Hot stamping logo. This is the most popular way to put the logo on the mink eyelash box. It looks luxurious and beautiful. Whether you want to hot-stamp the logo on the cardboard or the logo mink eyelash case. The effect is very good!

 Our factory has the latest equipment and uses the latest technology to ensure the bright colors of the boxes, such as UV, specialty paper, CMYK, Gilding, etc. Customize your own LOGO, we guarantee timely delivery.

What is the price of the eyelash packaging box?

Different eyelash packaging boxes have different prices. The specific price of each box needs to be determined according to the order quantity, printing pattern and box style. If you have a favorite box, tell me, I will give you the most reasonable price.

When is the delivery time of the mink eyelash box?

According to the number of eyelash boxes, stock eyelash boxes can be shipped the same day. Customized eyelash boxes usually take 7-10 days. We use international express delivery, such as DHL, TNT, Fedex, fast delivery, and delivery as soon as possible.

What is the payment method for mink eyelashes?

Our most commonly used payment method is PAYPAL, of course, we can accept Western Union and PayPal payments.

 We guarantee the quality of the eyelash box, share it with our heart, you are welcome to order Mink eyelash package private label. If you have an order for eyelash box, please contact me Whatsapp: +86 175 6168 7023.