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Custom Lashes Package

Custom lashes Package custom lashes boxes with private logo –Pink lashes packing series

Hrlashes mink lashes manufacturer not only supply high-end 3D mink lashes wholesale, Also can custom lashes package with private logo ,High-quality eyelashes, paired with an exquisite eyelash case, and printed with the customer’s own private label, is a kind of silent publicity and sales.

How To Work On Custom Eyelash Packaging?

Custom eyelash box, simple steps, Summarize into three steps ,

  • Choose the shape of the eyelash box and determine the color of the eyelash box

The video below is a customized fan series eyelash case I selected. Different eyelash case shapes, diverse and unique.

  • Customized eyelash box private label pattern details

In accordance with the customer’s private label requirements, we use the most sophisticated method to print a unique personal label on the customized box

  • Communicate and confirm the details of related eyelash boxes

For example, whether the eyelash box has ribbons, whether it needs handles and corner protectors, whether it has windows, these details need to be confirmed and communicated

Welcome to order with us, our patience, care and professionalism will help your eyelash career, please contact me immediately,

Our whatsapp: + 86 175 6168 7023 .

Eyelash Packaging Boxes