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Custom eyelashes packaging boxes–Draw glitter box

The exquisite eyelashes are placed in the exquisite eyelash boxes, just like a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful dress, which is more attractive. There is a saying in China, three-point look, seven-point dress, high-quality eyelashes if they are in poor quality in the eyelash case, most of its light is hidden and blocked, and it needs to be carefully identified to be found. The exquisite eyelash case has its own flow and attractiveness, which can be found in a short time. Inside, to attract the attention of customers and save your communication costs, HRLASHES is a manufacturer with 15 years of experience in eyelash production. We undertake private eyelash customization services, as well as custom eyelashes packaging boxes.

There are flip-open eyelash boxes for eyelash boxes, split eyelash boxes, pull-up eyelash boxes, and flip-up eyelash boxes are the most common. Today I am mainly sharing the pull-out glitter eyelashes.

Glitter paper,  is a kind of environmentally friendly and glittery packaging material. It shows that the color is gorgeous, the glitter effect is excellent, the brightness is high, and the mirror effect is obvious. It is an atmospheric eyelash box that is intuitive and sparkling. The pull-out box includes an inner box and an outer box. The front of the outer box is usually made transparent ,the private logos and labels can be printed on the front, and the box is intuitive to see the inner eyelashes, the inner box is very shiny due to the use of glitter paper, whether you look up close or far away, it shines. The inner box can be made of paper of different colors, because the unique small sequins are shiny, the glitter paper is special Popular with customers, there are many colors of glitter paper, the most commonly used are golden, rose gold, red, yellow, green, blue.

The above video is a batch of drawing eyelash boxes that we have just customized for customers. The inner box chooses different colors of glitter paper. Each box brings out a different feeling. Good news, we have made an extra batch of regular drawing glitter Eyelash box, if you like it, you are welcome to order it, please contact me Whatsapp: + 86 175 6168 7023, and take your beautiful eyelashes home.

We are a manufacturer of high-end eyelashes, hand-made eyelashes, with 15 years of rich experience.

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