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Custom eyelash box – wholesale eyelash box

The beautiful and unique eyelash packaging box will leave a different impression on the customer. The novel eyelashes packaging box will also be a silent eyelash advertising promoter. Customers pay more attention to eyelashes because of the eyelash box. Custom eyelash box, eyelash box wholesale, how to customize eyelash box with private logo?

The first type of customers have their own requirements and ideas for eyelash boxes. They have instructions on the color of the eyelash box, the shape of the eyelash box, the size of the eyelash box, the pattern of the eyelash box, the material of the eyelash box, etc. When the customer tells us the exact needs, our minds Inside, there will be a clear box rendering screen. We will arrange the design and make the renderings according to the customer’s requirements for customers’ reference. When the customer confirms, we will start the production process. The next step is to arrange delivery after the production is completed.

The second type of customers have general requirements for eyelash boxes, but the biggest requirement is to print a personal logo on the box, so that I can recommend the current company’s regular eyelash boxes to customers, and the private logo can be printed on the regular eyelash boxes, because the company There are 3D printing machine. When the customer’s funds are limited, we can use our regular eyelash boxes without MOQ, which can ease the economic pressure of customers and better help new eyelashes start the eyelash business. Our company has many conventional eyelash boxes types, round eyelashes cases , rectangular acrylic eyelashes packages, transparent eyelashes boxes, cardboard eyelashes boxes, etc. Customers have a larger choice of eyelashes, while regular eyelashes are delivered quickly, which will help customers win more sales time .

The third type of customers is not very financially affluent. In terms of selling eyelashes, they are not particularly confident, but they love the eyelash business. In the early stage of the eyelash sales business, I usually recommend them to make a personal logo and paste it on the eyelash tray, which is low cost , But also very beautiful and exquisite.

Dear friend, if you have some concerns about custom eyelash box, please contact me as soon as possible, I will try my best to support your eyelashes business. My whatsapp:+ 86 175 6168 7023 .

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