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Custom eyelash box—Christmas eyelash box

Exquisite and high-end eyelashes, coupled with a unique and beautiful eyelash package, make consumers have the urge to buy, custom eyelash box with your private label, customers are your best advertisement.

Christmas is coming soon, are you ready to customize eyelash box? We not only customize high-end eyelashes, but also customize eyelash boxes,

There are many types of eyelash boxes. We supply eyelash boxes of different materials, paper eyelashes boxes, cardboard eyelashes boxes, and acrylic transparent eyelashes boxes. We also supply eyelash boxes of different shapes, round eyelashes boxes, square eyelashes boxes, rectangular eyelashes boxes, special-shaped eyelashes boxes, multiple pairs eyelashes boxes, In order to see the eyelashes in the eyelash box more clearly, we installed windows of different shapes on the lid of the box. Eyelash boxes with windows are intuitive and unique. In order to meet different color needs, we are still in eyelash boxes. At the bottom, put different colors of glitter paper. With different colors of glitter paper, different flavors and feelings emerge spontaneously. Of course, the color of the surface of the eyelash box is also diverse and colorful.

Don’t underestimate these small eyelash boxes. They are carefully crafted and add some creativity. Eyelash boxes with corner protectors, eyelash boxes with handles, eyelash boxes with indicator lights, eyelash boxes with diamonds, eyelashes with feathers Boxes, eyelash boxes with butterfly patterns, luggage eyelash boxes, a lot of creativity, a lot of surprises, you have a lot of eyelash customers, naturally a lot of wealth.

A virtuous circle, if you want your eyelashes career to be the icing on the cake, if you want your eyelashes career to improve step by step, please contact my whatsapp:+ 86 175 6168 7023 quickly, customize the eyelash box, and customize your unique eyelashes.

Below is a batch of custom-made normal Christmas eyelash boxes , there is no minimum order quantity limit, hurry up and order!

Eyelashes Packaging Boxes

Eyelash Sample Pack