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Custom Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes tray

Custom eyelashes Custom eyelash tray

HRlashes has 15 years of experience in research and wholesale eyelashes. We accept custom eyelashes, custom eyelash boxes, custom eyelashes tools , custom Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes Tray. For those who are just engaged in the eyelash business, we recommend the most popular eyelash styles to you. When you choose eyelashes, we will give you the most suitable recommendation. At the same time, we have prepared a large number of normal eyelash boxes and conventional eyelash trays to ensure timely delivery.

   With the gradual expansion of the eyelash market, the consumer group has become wider and wider. Both government departments and consumers have more expectations and demands for environmentally friendly packaging. As a Top1 eyelash manufacturer, HRlashes is the first to develop And mass production of environmentally friendly eyelashes.

The raw material for the production of environmentally friendly eyelashes is pulp. The pulp is melted at high temperature, cooled appropriately, and then the pulp is injected into the mold, die-casting, and the first process of environmentally friendly eyelashes is completed. There are not many Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp Eyelashes Tray currently on the market. Due to the high production cost, environmentally friendly eyelashes of different shapes need to be opened, and the mold fee for eyelashes is not cheap, but HRlashes is at the forefront of the eyelash industry. We have developed different shapes of Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp Eyelashes Tray , round eyelashes Tray , and diamonds Eyelashes tray . Multi Eyelash tray , rectangular eyelash tray , and environmentally-friendly eyelashes are all made of die-casting pulp.

This kind of eyelash holder is naturally decomposed quickly, light and beautiful. We mainly use white environmentally friendly eyelash holders with pure white color. Putting delicate eyelashes on the eyelash tray is beautiful and exquisite, and there will be an urge to buy instantly.

The following photos are pictures of some Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp Eyelashes Trays for your reference.

If you want to Custom Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes tray , please contact my whatsapp:+ 86 175 6168 7023 as soon as possible! 

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