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cruelty-free lashes Vegan lashes supplier

How to start your eyelash business? Please start with vegan eyelashes. Hrlashes is a cruelty-free lashes vegan lashes supplier . As an eyelash retailer, eyelash wholesaler, how to attract eyelash customers from different consumer groups? Please add vegan eyelashes. 3D fake Vegan eyelashes are cost-effective, and the wholesale price is much cheaper than mink eyelashes wholesale , but the effect of wearing them makes consumers’ eyes very energetic. Standing in the crowd, you are the brightest star.

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3D Cruelty-free lashes Vegan lashes Model show

 What eyelashes are cruelty free?

Cruelty free eyelashes means that the method used is cruelty-free when extracting the raw materials of eyelashes. At present, animal hair such as mink eyelashes and horse hair are not considered cruelty-free eyelashes, while 3D faux silk eyelashes and chemical fiber eyelashes are called cruelty-free eyelashes.

Are mink eyelashes vegan?

The raw materials of mink eyelashes are extracted from mink animals. The way of extracting mink hair is more and more humane, but because it is animal hair, we usually don’t think of mink eyelashes as vegan eyelashes .

What are 3D false vegan lashes made of?

3D false Vegan eyelashes are mostly made of synthetic fibers or raw materials extracted from plants. Different synthetic fibers have different properties. Vegan eyelashes imitate the look and feel of “mink skin” without causing cruelty and no cruelty vegan eyelashes. It is comfortable and light to wear, has various styles, and can be reused many times without any psychological burden for consumers. Mink eyelashes are mink hair extracted from animal mink. There are many ways to extract it. Now people are gradually leaning towards cruelty-free brush hair extraction instead of mass killing mink animals. Generally speaking, we call vegan eyelashes eyelashes whose raw materials are not animal hair.

 Can you get Cruelty Free Mink lashes?

Yes, with the gradual improvement of consumers’ humanistic awareness, the whole world promotes harmony between man and nature, and harmony between man and animal. When making 3D mink eyelashes , the mink eyelashes used in the production of mink eyelashes are all extracted using cruelty-free extraction methods to obtain mink hair raw materials. .

Are 3D silk eyelashes vegan eyelashes?

3D Silk eyelashes are vegan eyelashes, and they are currently very popular vegan eyelashes on the market. They are favored by a large number of eyelash consumers. The raw material of real silk false eyelashes is not real silk, but chemical fiber material, which is completely compatible with silk. It is made of comparable synthetic materials without worms. After a special treatment, it is soft and light like silk. Therefore, after making the eyelashes, the eyelashes are also very delicate and soft.

How long do 3D silk lashes last?

High-quality 3D Silk eyelashes can always maintain a curly, plump and flexible style, and will not lose 3D effect due to consumer use. Even if the 3D silk eyelashes are worn for many times, after washing and drying, the 3D false silk eyelashes will recover. And maintain its unique curl and softness, so high-end 3D silk eyelashes can be reused at least 25 times.

How to get vegan false eyelashes?

How to get vegan eyelashes, choose a strong vegan eyelash supplier, you can order the vegan eyelashes you want. Hrlashes is a world-renowned high-end handmade eyelashes manufacturer cruelty-free lashes Vegan lashes supplier. It not only supplies vegan eyelashes, but also customizes vegan eyelashes every year. Will develop and release updated vegan eyelashes, choose Hrlashes, and choose high-end fashion vegan eyelashes wholesale . To order different styles of vegan eyelashes, please contact Catherine Email address: : or whatsapp to get more information about cruelty-free lashes Vegan lashes .

What styles of vegan eyelashes does HRlashes have?

Hrlashes has focused on the production and development of vegan eyelashes for 15 years. At present, there are two series of vegan eyelashes, 3DS series and DW series. The 3DS series is the longest-selling series and the first vegan eyelashes to be promoted on the market. The DW series is ours. The newly launched vegan eyelashes, the DW vegetarian eyelashes currently on the market are all ordered from HRlashes. They are very soft and comfortable. Compared with mink eyelashes, DW vegan eyelashes are more affordable but with similar performance.

 How to Apply your Vegan Friendly Fake Lashes?

The way of wearing vegan eyelashes is the same as other ways to wear on hair. Before wearing, put the eyelashes on the eyes to measure the length, then cut the excess part with scissors, and apply glue.

3D Cruelty-free Lashes Vegan Lashes

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