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How to Find a Real False Eyelash Factory for Creating False Eyelash Brand?

Eyelash Factory


How to find a real false eyelash factory for starting an eyelash brand?

Many customers who wholesale false eyelashes encounter the same problem when purchasing Mink Eyelashes.
Each lashes supplier consulted said it was a false eyelash factory.
At the same time, they also hold similar hot sale false eyelashes (Faux Mink eyelash, 3D Mink Eyelashes, 25 mm Mink Lashes, etc.) to sell you.
In the process of selecting the most suitable supplier of false eyelashes,
Are you also very confused as a buyer of eyelashes?

Finding a reliable and genuine Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendor is really important.
Today Catherine tells you a few tips to help you distinguish the false eyelash trader from the false eyelash factory.

Delivery of false eyelashes-the most important point

The most important thing that makes false eyelash factory different from eyelash trading company is the delivery time of mink lashes. Wholesale lashes factory can give you accurate delivery time without setting delivery scope for you. Because all false eyelash designers, the eyelash styles are the factory’s own resources and can be accurately controlled. And the trading company, after you place the order, the eyelash company needs to communicate with the false eyelash factory according to the demand of your wholesale eyelash order. The communication time and delivery range in this process are what you need to wait for. When there are many factory orders, the order of the eyelash trading company will be back row, so as to extend your eyelash delivery time.

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The latest styles of false eyelashes-the mystery beyond peers

The real false eyelash factory will constantly update the style and design of false eyelashes.
Because this is the only way to ensure that the false eyelash distributors they work with stand out from their peers.
The fashion that leads the false eyelash market.

wholesale eyelash vendor

Price reduction is not an effective way to develop eyelash business.

The quality of false eyelashes is the foundation of the development of eyelash factories.

As more and more false eyelash suppliers are active in the international false eyelash market.
Suppressing prices has become a bad way for eyelash suppliers to develop false eyelash customers and expand the eyelash market. There are also some eyelash trading companies. In order to obtain more profits from this, they have to reduce their budgets from raw eyelash materials, use inferior eyelash raw materials, and produce simulated mink Lashes.HRALSHES as a false eyelash factory for more than 20 years. Never sacrifice product quality at lower prices to get eyelash customers. HRLASHES has been adhering to independent innovation, continuously improving the quality of eyelashes, so that more eyelashes customers experience the real unique beauty from mink eyelashes!


Today I have to share here. In future blogs, we will continue to update useful articles for you to help you succeed in your false eyelashes career!

More wholesale mink lashes details Contact:

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HRLASHES Provides What False Eyelashes Customers Need!

HRLASHES is a Wholesale Mink Lashes sub-brand of CannesLashes. Dedicated to the production and design of high-quality false eyelashes for many years. There are a lot of mink eyelash brands that have been promoted.

As you know from the news media. COVID-19 is spreading globally. The number of confirmed diagnoses continues to rise. This is really a terrible thing.
In the process of communicating with false eyelash customers in recent days. It took almost 30 minutes to explain to them why we need to wear masks when we go to public places. This is really a very noteworthy note!

I hope that you will always pay attention to the precautions issued by the World Health Organization and strictly abide by them! Do a good job of protection!
We don’t produce masks.
We’re just porters of masks.
HRLASHES Committed to the production and design of high-quality false eyelashes.
And A professional eyelash production suppliers.
HRLASHES is also a professional supplier of Mink eyelash packaging boxes.
For each false eyelashes order, we will give you a mask based on the order amount !
Let’s fight the virus together! Face it positively!
I’m sure everything will be back to normal soon!
Come On !

No matter where you are in the world, we worry about you as much as our own family.
Recently we also learned about the situation of many false eyelash customers. HRLASHES purchased a batch of disposable sterile masks. Free gift to our dear false eyelashes customers.
HRLASHES has always been a socially responsible company.

If you want to buy masks separately, you can contact our professional consultant directly. They provide you with official matchmaking information.


We firmly believe that this time the virus will be brought under control soon and life will soon return to normal!

You can spend time with your family. Carefully plan the new eyelash market strategy for the new year!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Why the same style of Mink eyelashes are not exactly the same ?

Recently, false eyelash distributors reported that the quality of mink eyelashes they received was very good but the same styles would be a little different. They don’t know how to explain this phenomenon to their eyelash clients.

Honey, you don’t need to worry at all. Each false eyelash of HRLASHES is a unique work of art. What you need to know is that the raw material of true Mink Lashes is vegetarian natural mink hair without cruel harm. Animal hair is spiritual, and the diameter of each mink hair is slightly different. Unlike synthetic eyelashes, the thickness and beauty of chemical fiber eyelashes are fixed. We require craftsmen of wholesale mink lashes to place mink fur raw material thickness when adjusting to Mink Lashes. The beauty and design focus of each false eyelash are the same. But even so, due to the different thickness and growth cycle of mink hair, the thickness of the finished Mink eyelashes will be slightly different. But this does not affect the wear and beauty at all. Each pair of mink eyelashes is still perfect!

HRLASHES’s mink Lashes are hand-made beauty products. Eyelashes that look very inconspicuous, each pair of eyelashes is completed through 21 purely manual processes. Our false eyelashes workers are strictly trained and skilled craftsmen. Only in this way can each lashes be restored to the greatest extent. The consistency of each mink eyelash can be controlled to the greatest extent.

No pair of mink eyelashes is exactly the same. This is also the charm of handmade false eyelashes!

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What Do I Need to Start a Mink Lashes Business?

Wholesale Mink lashes Business Has Become an Entrepreneurial Project that Most Women will Choose.Mink Lashes does not require much investment. Not subject to regional restrictions.

Effective startup projects that can quickly withdraw funds in the short term.
Next, I will tell you some of the things you need to prepare and pay attention to in the early stage of your mink lashes business:

First you need to be clear about the consumption level of your false eyelash customers. This will help you choose whether to make high-end false eyelashes or the most popular Mink Lashes in the market.

This establishes that you can get accurate information through the local false eyelash market.
HRLashes has been in the business for almost 15 years, focusing only on producing and selling high-quality eyelashes that can be used 25 times repeatedly. If you want to know more about the high-end false eyelashes market, you can directly contact our false eyelash product manager Gloria, she will help you make a clearer plan.

After you have identified your customer base, you can start preparing your false eyelash brand. This brand will appear on the appearance of each of your false eyelash cases. Everything you do now is to gather the power of development for this brand!

After determining the brand of false eyelashes, the problem you will face is to choose the box of false eyelashes. This may cause you a headache, because there are too many raw materials for custom false eyelashes packaging boxes, and you have no idea what exactly is more suitable for the current mink eyelash market. In this case, we usually recommend custom logo stickers or 3D printed acrylic Lashes packaging for distributors who just started to create eyelash brands. This false eyelash box can be customized with short preparation time and fast delivery.
It helps you to quickly understand the market of false eyelashes around you.

Next is the most important one that determines how long your eyelashes business can grow-choose the best false eyelash production supplier!

The height of the false eyelash supplier and its own professionalism is the key to guide the development of your Mink Lashes career.
Our designer Oscar insists on originality! The big 25mm eyelashes designed by him have been popular worldwide since 2017! Each pair of false eyelashes is a unique work of art!

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Thank you very much for reading.
May every minute of your life be meaningful!

Your collection and sharing will be the greatest affirmation of our work

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What is the Impact of Social Media and Eyelash on Public Opinion?

Social media brings us mountains of news which spark heated discussions among the public every day. It leads and shapes public opinion by describing events in different perspectives. Social media can bring people together as well as cause unpredictable troubles.What is the Impact of Social Media and Eyelash on Public Opinion?

Sometimes social media advocates the impressment, goodness and beauty in our society, offering a good way to condense the will of the public. As the saying goes, “when difficulties arise in one place, aid comes from everywhere.” Impressed by the kindness of others, people will join the ranks of donating money and blood when earthquakes or other natural disasters strike. To some extent, social media makes the public believe in the kindness of people and helps create a harmonious social atmosphere.

However, it’s only one side of the impact on public opinion. More often, social media reports events based on subjective judgments, making a deliberate misinterpretation out of truth or even spreading fake news, in order to draw the public’s attention. The public will be easily influenced by the opinions presented in social media and be stuck in “spiral of silence”, that is to say, individuals have a fear of isolation, which results from the idea that the society might isolate, neglect, or exclude members due to their different opinions. This fear of isolation consequently leads to remaining silent instead of voicing opinions. Thus, different voices converge to one main point which develops like a snow ball. The social media will then report more related news that the public wants to see, making them more irrational and unreasonable. As a result, we may hurt innocent people and undermine social stability. If social media leads the public in a wrong way, what matters is not the truth anymore but the public’s misled opinions and emotions.

Social media should report events more objectively and guide the public to focus on more meaningful things instead of aggravating contradictions. As for ourselves, we should keep our eyes wide open and try not to be affected by social media and others’ extreme views. We ought to have our own value of right and wrong, keeping calm before all the truths emerge from the water. No one can stop you from finding the truth if you want to. Don’t go with the stream and correct your mistakes before it’s too late.

In the market of false eyelashes, which is gradually becoming saturated, we need to be more subjective and discerning, and use developmental vision to locate our own false eyelash brand. Follow the trend of the times, and make good use of social media to develop more high-quality false eyelash customer groups for your mink eyelash career.
You can contact our eyelash False eyelash product manager Catherine directly (Email: She will tell you more details about how to run a good false eyelash business.

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Wholesale Mink Lashes with Only $ 99|FREE SHIPPING

Free Shipping Lashes Sample Pack

Where Did I Find the Best Mink Lashes Vendor?

How to Make My Eyelash Business Successful?

Which Kind of Mink Lashes will leading the Fashion ?

Do you have the same question, dear?

Here is a Chance to Working With the Best Mink Lashes Vendor.

Free Shipping Lashes Sample Pack-Only $99 Lashes Pack

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HR Lashes is the Best Quality Eyelash Vendor.Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes | Faux Mink Eyelash|Slik Eyelashes,etc. More Than 1000 Pretty Lashes Style are in Hot sales!!

As the Most Popular Wholesale Eyelash with factory price.We Have a Large Stock For the Best Quality Mink Eyelash and All knids of Eyelashes Raw materials ! Really Fast 3D Mink Eyelash Delivery within 24 hours!! Contact and Order Soon!

Eyelashes Factory-Combination of tradition and innovation

HRLashes is Professional wholesale false Mink eyelash vendors.We have mature and stable craftsman and eyelash design team. In the process of developing your false eyelashes, you will be escorted. Provide you with the highest quality false eyelashes. Develop a larger, high quality false eyelash market. The following is our contact information, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We wish your career is getting better and better!


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How to deal with the oversaturated false eyelash market|Lash Business Success

It’s no secret that the eyelash market is hot and getting hotter. As more and more ladies and even some dudes are opting to enhance their eyes with lashes it was only a matter of time that in some city markets that lash bars, salons, shops, boutiques would start popping up everywhere. From eyelash market franchises to several large eyelashes companies all vying for the attention of potential clients.

So how do You as the small solo lashes artist or small lashes business attract new clients and keep them when so many options may be available to them?

Contact us By Email:

First let’s think carefully about what this means and why it might be a good opportunity for you.

The chaos of the false eyelashes market is now called “market saturation“.
The thought of most false eyelashes practitioners is: what to do? The doom of the enterprise is coming.
But wait a moment, you stop listening to my voice first.

But open your mind for just a bit and hear me out on this one and Call my Whatsapp:+ 0086 175 6168 7023.

Whatever happens, remind yourself “You can!”

It seems that the market for false eyelashes is saturated, and in fact, there is a great potential market for development, because the consumer groups of false eyelashes are wide, from girls in their twenties to old people in their fifties or sixties are all users of false eyelashes. , High frequency of use, fast consumption, diverse styles, wearing different styles for different occasions, just like our clothes, updating,

Therefore, if you choose false eyelashes , please stick to it, stick to the promotion of false eyelash sales channels, sow the seeds, the harvest may be later, but it will definitely come .

Wand Eyelashes

20mm Mink Eyelashes

25mm Mink Eyelashes

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What Length of False Eyelashes is Right for Me?

Today, a very good lip gloss distributor follows me on Instagram (canneslashes_catherine) What Length of False Eyelashes is Right for Me? how to distinguish the length of different false eyelashes ? Aske me :
I answered her patiently.
Under my explanation and analysis. She ordered 3 natural eyelashes and 5 3D eyelashes.
Do you have the same question?
Today in this blog I share with you some little knowledge about eyelash length, I hope it will be helpful to you.
Generally, the more common eyelash styles in the eyelash market are 13mm mink eyelash, 16mm eyelashes, 18mm lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 25mm mink eyelashes, 28mm Mink Lashes, 35mm Wholesale Mink eyelashes.

Among them, 13-16mm wholesale Mink Lashes we usually call natural faux eyelashes. This category of mink eyelash is suitable for everyday makeup and outings. Faux eyelash distributors are mostly located in the Middle East, Canada, and some European countries. This faux eyelash will make you pay attention in many office lady Lashes.

Each of our Mink eyelash is a collection of naturally shed hair from the tails of Siberian mink used. Crafted by skilled workers. The softest cotton thread is used as the lashes band. Pure physical heat treatment without chemical steps Wear it with confidence on sensitive skin. Lightweight and free from foreign body sensation, rain does not change. The styling durability can be used 20-25 times repeatedly.

25 MM lenth DH007

Next up is 18mm 3D mink lashes & 20mm 3D Mink Lashes.
The false eyelashes of this series are more three-dimensional than the natural ones. The majority of faux eyelash distributors in the United States. This series of faux eyelashes is a model between 25mm big big lashes and 16mm Mink Lashes. For babies who are more pursuing fashion and individuality.
Click on the link below for more pictures of eyelash styles.

3D Mink Lashes

Natural Look Lashes

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How to Make the Bulk Order after You Find a Eyelash Vendor

When you are looking for cooperation with false eyelash vendors. You need to place a sample order first to test the quality of mink eyelashes.
So what do you need to do after receiving the false eyelash samples?
Today in this article we will tell you how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of eyelashes.

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors
M02 Mink Lashes

Attached here is the contact information of our factory false eyelash account manager, you can contact her directly. She will tell you in detail how to make the right choice.

WhatsApp :008617561687023

In this information age where e-commerce is developing rapidly, various fake experts spread professional and non-professional industry information on the Internet. Too many mink eyelash distributors fall into the trap of false eyelash sample orders.

Can you make the bulk order directly after you receive the lashes sample order?
The first thing after you receive the sample is to test the quality of the eyelashes. If you don’t know how to perform false eyelash quality inspection, you can browse the help blogs on our website. Your subscription will be our great honor!
In recent years, many bad suppliers have appeared. They use low-end and inferior false eyelash raw materials for production and processing. What is most infuriating is that they sell the wholesale mink eyelashes at low prices and disrupt the entire mink lashes market. So after you receive the samples, you must strictly communicate with the false eyelash supplier.

If you have the opportunity to come to China, take a look at our production process of false eyelashes. Will make our eyelashes cooperation more harmonious!
HRLashes has been engaged in the production and sales of false eyelashes for 15 years. Focus on the design and production of high-quality mink eyelashes.
Treat every customer sincerely. Help clients make the most accurate decision based on the situation. Leading new trends in thewholesale mink eyelash market.

With the development of the mink eyelash market, we will continue to update the eyelash market strategy. You are always welcome to follow our website.

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Wholesale Lilly Lashes Vendor

Lilly Lashes Are Very Popular in USA.Most Celebrity Love Their Eyelashes Design.Miami Lashes,Mykonos Lashes,Sydney Faux Mink Eyelashes,Hollywood Mink Eyelashes,Ela Lashes,etc.Also Many Girls who want to establish their own Lashes Business Line Want to Find LilyLashes Vendor.

Today we will guide you how to order the best false eyelashes with the least budget.

First of all, Eyelashes are labor-intensive products, and most of the processes need to be done manually. So Lilly Lashes suppliers will not be in the United States. The labor cost of the United States as a developed country is higher than that of developing countries, so it is concluded that the false eyelashes of lilylashes are imported.

So the question is, where did the Eyelashes come from?This is a very good question!

But before we find the answer to this question, we can first understand the origin of false eyelashes.

Eyelashes‘ originated in the Qing Dynasty. Actors who sang Peking opera at that time used colored paper to stick to their eyes to increase the stage effect. There is the initial prototype of false eyelashes. Many artists are wearing the most popular paper eyelashes to express the art in their hearts.

Over time, people have gradually mastered how to make Eyelashes more realistic. After hundreds of years of evolution, it has developed into the most popular Mink Eyelashes.Natural, vivid and fluffy Lashes! Has become an indispensable commodity for beauty lovers!

In China, there are the most skilled craftsmen of false eyelashes. And the largest Eyelash production base is in Qingdao. If you are going to inspect the Eyelash market in the field, you must not miss the most professional 3D Mink eyelash production base-Qingdao Pingdu!

Maybe You Have Ask Most of Lashes Vendor the Same Question: “Are You Lilly Lashes Supplier?”And the Answers Are “Yes”Are They All Lilly Lashes Vendor? You Need Think About it Carefully.

There is a false eyelash assistant in China dedicated to Lilly Lashes.Responsible for the investigation of the domestic false eyelash market to obtain the best quality Mink Eyelash market resources.We sent Mink eyelash samples to the United States. Become the Vendor of Eyelashes for LilyLashes.

Other suppliers have obtained product models from the Internet and have started to imitate Eyelash Styles that we developed for Lilylashes.

Therefore, if you want to order the real Mink Eyelash please be sure to come to our false eyelash factory. Here you will buy really high-quality Mink Eyelashes with the least budget!

Add my whatsapp: +0086 175 6168 7023 .

Your subscription will be our great honor!