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Where to Find A Suitcase Shape Lashes Packaging Box ?

Top Brand Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor HRLASHES Launched a new Style Mink Lashes Box Suitcase shape Lashes Packaging Box.

Where to Find A Suitcase Shape Lashes Packaging Box ? Here is it !!

This Kind of Wholesale Mink Lashes Packaging Box-Suitcase Lashes Box we Launched on Feb 21st. More and more Beautiful Ladies Love these Cute Lashes Cases ! Whenever you are, Wherever you go. Pink is the sweetest Color All the Time.

The original intention of making this false eyelash case is to give the customers of false eyelashes a pure mood. Wholesale Mink Lashes Business HRLASHES insists on Mink Lashes independent creation and innovation. Constantly inject fresh fashion trends into the global false eyelash market.

In the initial design of this false eyelash box, we tried a lot of raw materials, and finally determined the acrylic material for the custom eyelash box. Rugged, durable, drop resistant, long life and other advantages.

Mink eyelash case suitcase 1: 1 simulation replica. The draw bars and casters are very textured! Here Attached the YouTube Video For Your Reference. Welcome to subscribe to our channel !!!

You must be most concerned about the price of this Mink eyelash box, right? $2-$3 Per for Wholesale Lashes Order.if you buy with Mink Lashes Together the Wholesale Price of lashes box might be cheaper As the case may be.

This false eyelash box comes in two sizes. The size of the big box is 18.5 * 11.5 cm. The size of the small box is 13.5 * 8.5 cm. You can customize different styles according to your needs. The main colors are babe pink and bright yellow.Purple, red, blue, rose red false eyelashes can also be customized according to your needs.

If you want to know more about this suitcase-shaped false eyelash box, please contact our staff directly by email:

For More About Mink Lashes Packaging Click Below:

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The Cheapest Eyelash Packaging Box with Custom Logo

Few Days ago,We introduced the magnet false eyelash box to you.For This article,We continue to introduce you to the cheapest false eyelash packaging box.

Why are we constantly writing a blog about eyelash boxes?Because as the most popular mink eyelash vendor,More and more lashes client ask for the Stylish and Amazing mink eyelash boxes,some other new false eyelashes client want some low cost eyelash boxes.We are willing to Help each of you to Achieve your Lashes dreams, become more and more beautiful and richer!We are the eyelash supplier of someone else you are looking for!With High Quality eyelash and Factory Price|With the most professional Lashes Product Sales service team|With the most abundant false eyelash market experience|With…mickle.

What is your cheapest custom packaging boxes?I am just start my lashes business

Dear you,Thanks for your question.if you are just start your own mink eyelash business.As the Most popular eyelash vendor,our suggestion is this kind of Acrylic lashes packaging box.

Can I get My Lashes logo on the eyelash packaging box?

Yes dear,We can custom your logo on the eyelashes boxes .If you want save more money,As the Most popular eyelash vendor,our suggestion is custom with wholesale mink eyelash Logo Sticker. we will show you what is named Logo sticker in the video below.

How Can I Get A Perfect eyelash packaging boxes logo?

We are willing to help you Design a logo for your false eyelash brand.But the most important thins is you have to tell us what is your Lashes brand position,Audience, sales channels and planning for the future false eyelash market.If you have no idea about your lashes business.Please do not worry, we will help you step by step in future mink eyelash cooperation.

Custom packaging boxes Display

Wholeasle Mink Eyelash Packaging Boxes with custom Logo

eyelash packaging box

Custom Mink eyelash boxes with logo|mirror eyelash box

Beautiful Lashes with custom packaging boxes

Wholesale eyelash box with glitter paper

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New Arrival Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Boxes

I am So Excited to introduce you to our new arrival mink eyelashes boxes!

Wholesale Mink lashes Applicator vendor|2 Pairs Mink eyelash boxes with eyelashes glue and eyelashes Applicator.Which Lashes Boxes are Most Popular in USA market Especially suitable for 25mm mink eyelashes

Wholesale Mink Eyelash Glue Vendor|2 Pairs False eyelashes with lashes glue and eyelashes Applicators.With the continuous development of false eyelash international trade. HRLashes has also gradually expanded its production range. From professional false eyelashes production suppliers, to professional mink eyelash packaging boxes vendors, to professional false eyelash glue suppliers. Every step has a successful mark! Every step is inseparable from the support and support of false eyelash customers from all over the world! Thank you for your trust!

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Factory|Sunny box For Mink Eyelashes .Why We called it Sunny boxes? Do You Know Why? Because It’s Color is as beautiful as a rainbow.Full of energy!You are welcome to discuss your thoughts with us in the comments section.

the best eyelashes supplier|Fashion leopard Lashes box.

Mink eyelash vendor|Marble pattern bronzing two pairs of eyelashes

Wholesale mink eyelash box|Silver with window irregular packing lashes box

For more information about custom lashes boxes contact email:


3D Mink Eyelash Click Here>>>>>>3D Mink Eyelashes

25mm Mink Eyelash Click Here>>>>>>25mm Mink eyelashes

So Far,As the Most popular eyelashes brand in the US lashes market.We have more than 2000 eyelashes brand Business Partner.Because of Trust! They are not the same with most lashes supplier in the mink eyelash market.They do not want to the $2 mink lashes with the Inferior raw materials (Inferior raw materials are incredible to the skin! ridiculous! ) Give back to your customers with high-quality false eyelashes and exchange sincerity with sincerity! Only such a false eyelashes market will continue to develop in a good direction and have been cycling!

Come on! Everyone who works hard! As the most popular supplier of false eyelashes, we will do our best to help you achieve your dreams! Become more and more rich and beautiful!

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Original Custom Wedding Hankies- Cruelty free Mink Eyelashes

We are manufacturers of false eyelashes.We can custom Wedding Hankies Mink Eyelashes .

We create beautiful Strip eyelashes.

Team work made perfect work.

HRLashes, which specializes in high-end false eyelashes, is dedicated to helping every false eyelash practitioner develop its market. After 15 years of experience, we will continue to introduce new and updated 3D Mink eyelashes styles. Supported many false eyelash vendors to realize their life value.

With the arrival of false eyelashes sales stocking season. We are planning to introduce a custom gift box with an original wedding gift. You can choose to customize the declaration of your love with your lover on the packaging gift box, or the relatives and blessings of the relatives who come to the wedding. Any sentence you want to customize can be.

Different styles are available for you to choose from. It can be a cardboard box, a magnet box or an eco-friendly tote.

You are welcome to leave a message for us to discuss.

We will customize an exclusive memory for you. Wedding Hankies Mink Eyelashes ,Contact us get more ,our whatsapp:+86 175 6168 7023 .

Thanks in Advance

Daily encouragement:

May the joy you share on your wedding day be the kind you’ll share all along life’s way. 

3D Mink Eyelashes

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Wholesale Luxury Eyelash Packaging Box

Who are we? We are HR Lashes.which one is Focus on the production and sales of high quality false eyelashes. We can custom eyelash Packaging Boxes.

We are happy to help every baby make their false eyelashes bigger and stronger.

Feel free to join us!

Today I will continue to share about custom eyelash packaging boxes.

Eyelash book Contains 16 different styles of false eyelashes.

It can be placed in the eyelash display area for quicker comparison of eyelash styles.



Black Star Flash Paper 4 Pairs of fake eyelashes box.This is a magnet Lash box with a mirror embedded inside the cover for easy daily use.





The Last one is an iridescent 5-pair Custom Lashes box.

This box contains 3D series Mink eyelashes, DB series extra long eyelashes and DH series false eyelashes.

A variety of choices, different combinations every day.














Ok, let’s share it today. Goodbye next blog. 

The customized eyelashes packaging box can meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, it is also a tangible brand propagandist. The box carries your personal brand and logo. If you still want to know about cosmetics related topics, you are welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

We will give you a targeted explanation.


Thanks in advance

Daily encouragement:

Travel far enough, you meet yourself !

Welcome to contact me and add my whatsapp: +175 6168 7023 .

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Wholesale eyelash packaging box -We are Lashes packaging box Vendor

Who are we? We are HR Lashes which  is Focusing on the production and sales of high quality false eyelashes for 15 years .We are happy to help every baby make their false eyelashes bigger and stronger. we are happy to  be a famous eyelash packaging box vendor .

Feel free to join us!

Today I wanna sharing some Special custom eyelash packaging boxes.

According to the shape of the eyelash box, it can be divided into round lashes box, square lashes box, rectangular lashes box, triangular lashes box, diamond lashes box, hexagonal eyelashes box,  special-shaped lashes box, and a variety of eyelash box styles, with windows, with handles, and There are more and more new and unique eyelash cases with corner protectors, feathers, folios, and drawers. Now we are selling the hot mini eyelashes suitcases , which are very popular.

On the eyelash box, according to each customer’s design concept and morals, different logos are printed, on the one hand, the promotion of the brand, on the other hand, make the eyelash box look beautiful and exquisite, have a beautiful eyelash box, promote customers to buy eyelashes Ideas, we meet the needs of different customers, and customize them individually. Custom eyelashes packaging , contact us whatsapp : + 86 175 6168 7023 .

Pink gold window eyelash box.The exterior relief pattern is blended with traditional Chinese cultural elements. With a gold interior, it’s incredibly stylish.

Black lizard square Lash box. Unique lizard pattern with a gold border. The logo can be stamped with gold. 8*8 size, specially designed for 25mm Lashes

White gold special paper open window magnet eyelash box.

The thicker special paper craft makes the design of the whole Lash boxes more fashionable. The logo can be chosen to be bronzing at the top.

Additional information can be printed on the back.

As a famous eyelash packaging box vendor ,Please rest assured to give us the purchase of your eyelash box, we will not let you down

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Customize own eyelash packaging

In the last blog we detailed the sample lash packaging we have in stock.However, this kind of packaging is more helpful for customers who just start eyelash line, and less effective for customers who have been in business for a while.

So,today I will introduce our customized lashes packaging in detail.

Customized eyelash packaging first needs to know which aspects of customization.There are mainly box material, box shape, box size, box logo and text, text and logo printing process.

1.Box material

Our boxes are made of 5 materials: ordinary paper, snakeskin paper, starshine paper, laser silver and plastic.

Boxes of different materials have different effects and different prices.

2.Box shape

We have square, rectangle, circle, hexagon and triangle shapes.Each shape of eyelash box will have a different shape of plastic base to match it.The presence of this plastic backing also limits the size and shape of the eyelash box.If you want to customize a box in a shape or size that we don’t have, you have to remake the mold.The molding cost of the box is very cheap and negligible.

However, the mold opening fee of the matching plastic support is $400, which is too high for most customers to afford.So usually the customer will choose the shape and size of the eyelash box we have.Of course, some customers have customized the unique shape of the box, which cost us $400 to re-open.

3.Box size

The size of the box depends on the size of the eyelashes.Currently, false eyelashes on the market are 11mm, 13mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, and 28mm in length.When customizing a box, be sure to determine how long eyelashes to hold, if not the right size.There may be pressure hair and other phenomena, affecting the quality of eyelashes.

4.Logo and text of the box

These contents are provided by the customer and printed on the box. These are the main contents of the box.Only by matching logo, color and text together with our special printing technology and material, can we customize a unique eyelash box.

5.Printing process of text and logo

Our printing process is mainly divided into two kinds, ordinary printing and bronzing.The effect and price of these two processes are not the same, bronzing is more expensive, the effect is better.The color of printing and gilding can be changed, we can make any color.

These 5 parts are the content that we must know to customize the box.Only by working together can we create the perfect eyelash box.



WhatsApp:+86 17561687023

Instagram :Cannes Lashes Rosen

Facebook :Cannes Lashes Rosen

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How to quickly get eyelashes packaging for the beginning eyelash line

Every client in the eyelash line must have four basic elements.It’s eyelashes, eyelash boxes, marketing channels and sales people. These four elements form the foundation of an eyelash business.Only these four aspects have, can form a complete business chain.This is well known, but often overlooked by customers.These four factors are the strategic direction of a company, even if the company is only you.These four factors support the growth of your business and determine how far you go.Just like building a building, it is possible to build a tall building only after the foundation has been laid.Otherwise it’s just a dangerous building!

Eyelash packaging box is a very important factor that affects eyelash Line

Lashes packaging is an integral part of the entire eyelash business, and it is an integral part of highlighting eyelashes.Just imagine, if the eyelashes are simply placed on the plastic bottom, without any foil, the customer will not be interested in this product.Everyone is interested in beautiful things, so are the eyelashes.Of course, this is secondary, not primary.

Choosing the right packaging is very important for your beginning eyelash business.It can be said to be a long-term strategic development problem.However, at the beginning of the business, due to lack of funds and experience, most of the customers who just started the business did not have the ability to customize the eyelash boxes they were satisfied with.Many new customers will contact a large number of suppliers online to ask about customized boxes, which not only wastes a lot of time, but also makes it difficult to find a supplier that can provide high-quality boxes at a low price.So, choose a price substantial, deliver fast eyelash box to be very helpful to most novice.

Our company has customized a batch of eyelash sample boxes for customers who just started to do eyelash line.

This mass-customised eyelash sample box has several


1. Mass customization and low price.These sample eyelash boxes are customized from the factory, with a minimum order quantity of up to 3000 pieces.Is unacceptable for many customers.The mass-custom sample boxes all sell $1 each from our stock now, more than half the price of the custom boxes.The price is very good.

2. You can customize own logo.Although these boxes are customized by us, we cannot print the customer’s own logo on the boxes.But we can make a logo sticker and put it on the plastic bottom.Or directly printed on the back, both beautiful and cheap.

These boxes are customized by us according to market demand, there may be many similar boxes on the market. There are not many styles of these eyelash boxes, it is difficult to meet the aesthetic needs of all customers, and some customers may not like this style.

3. Our mass-custom eyelash sample boxes just to help our eyelash partners get through the tough times and save our costs.If you don’t like the eyelash sample boxes we have in stock, or don’t think they can open the market without features.We are fully able to customize your eyelash box to lay the foundation for your long-term business development.

I personally think that if I don’t have the experience of customizing the box and want to start my own lashes business, it is better to use our eyelash sample box first and quickly build up the eyelash line.Wait for a period of development, have their own experience and economic strength, and then customize their own lash box.Sometimes things progress step by step, there is no need to rush.

When you get to the tower, you see a different view and your mind changes from when you were on the ground.

I hope that I said will be helpful to you.


WhatsApp:+86 17561687023

Instagram :Cannes Lashes Catherine

Facebook :Cannes Lashes Catherine

20mm Mink Eyelashes

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Packaging Boxes