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Custom Lashes boxes Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes tray

HRlashes is  TOP1 Mink eyelash wholesaler and Vegan eyelash manufacturer. Hrlashes is a high-end eyelash  factory with 15 years of experience. Our Beautiful eyelashes are sold all over the world. We not only wholesale high-end luxury eyelashes, but also customize eyelashes,custom half Eyelashes , custom eyelash boxes with private logos , Recently we launched Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes tray. We are the first company to develop and produce Eco-friendly eyelash trays . Environmentally-friendly eyelashes tray are a trend, and Eco-friendly eyelash holder are gradually used by  for hot-selling eyelash packaging in the market.

    If you are looking for hot-selling eyelash suppliers, if you are looking for new and fashionable eyelashes market highlights, Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes tray are your first choice, white environmentally friendly eyelashes, generous and simple, whether it is with mink eyelashes or with vegan eyelashes. The eyelashes are so harmonious and elegant. The white environmentally friendly eyelash holders can be matched with a dark eyelash cases or a light color eyelash box. It is so beautiful and exquisite, it can better bring out the elegant and full curl of the eyelashes.

Eco-friendly eyelash trays, pure white, raw material is die-casting pulp, it can be degraded and is not harmful to the environment, although it is degradable and environmentally friendly eyelash trays, but don’t worry, this eyelash holder is strong and stable and can be reused. For vegan eyelash wholesalers For 3D faux mink eyelash retailers, a new round of business opportunities is here, please contact me quickly and try to equip your exquisite eyelashes with environmentally friendly eyelashes.

Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes tray, because of its unique production process and different raw materials, are more expensive than ordinary plastic eyelashes on the market. We are a high-end eyelashes factory. If you order eyelashes, we will sell environmentally friendly eyelashes at wholesale prices. Of course you You can choose to order the eco-friendly eyelash trays separately. We have enough eco-friendly eyelashes in stock to meet global shipments. Order on the same day and ship on the same day.

The following is the picture of our eco-friendly eyelashes trays.

Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes tray Rectangular tray
#Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes tray
Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp eyelashes tray Diamond shape

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