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Biodegradable Eyelashes trays Suppliers

Hrlashes is famous of Wholesale Eyelash Vendors and 3D Faux Mink Eyelash Manufacturer From China, Hrlashes is now a well-known wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale and Custom Lashes packaging boxes Biodegradable eyelashes trays suppliers in the USA and the world.

Hrlashes has been focusing on making high-end mink eyelashes, high-quality silk eyelashes, high-end 3D False mink eyelashes and custom dramatic eyelashes wispy lashes, each eyelash is handcrafted by eyelash craftsmen, and each pair of eyelashes is unique.

Hrlashes company customized eyelash boxes for eyelash entrepreneurs,  We can create your own eyelash packaging box, Now we have just launched new trays, environmentally friendly and biodegradable eyelashes trays ,

The following is our introduction about environmentally friendly Biodegradable eyelashes holder

Biodegradable eyelashes holder: The material of the eyelash holder is biodegradable , so it is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic eyelash holders.

What is the raw material and production process of the environmentally friendly biodegradable eyelashes trays? 

100% biodegradable lash tray is a sustainable and renewable resource. It uses advanced biochemical technology to make corn, straw, sugar cane and other renewable plant resources through multiple processes such as crushing, grinding, stirring, and stamping.

Eco-friendly: Too many plastic products are ending in our oceans and landfills. For a cleaner planet, please choose to use biodegradable eyelash products as an environmentally friendly option.

What are the advantages of using environmentally friendly biodegradable eyelashes?

The Resin art eyelashes holder are Matte texture, non-reflective,The eyelashes tray surface is smooth which can stick labels firmly and stick transfer stickers,In addition, they are flexible and  not easy to leave marks on bending,also the eyelashes trays are waterproof , At present, we mainly introduce rectangular biodegradable eyelashes trays, In fact , we can custom various shapes trays ,such as square biodegradable eyelashes trays and diamond biodegradable eyelashes trays with different colors (non- transparent) ,It can be completely degraded when placed in the soil.

The following is a photo of a white eyelash tray with 25mm mink eyelashes. 

At present, the biodegradable and environmentally friendly lashes trays have just become popular in the eyelash market. They are mainly used by major cosmetic eyelash companies. If you want to sell unique and fashionable eyelashes and keep up with the fashion frontier, the environmentally friendly and biodegradable eyelashes holders are matched with hot-selling eyelashes. , Is your first choice.

If you want  to order biodegradable lashes trays samples pack or know more eyelashes trays suppliers , Welcome to add Catherine whatsapp or send email  .

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