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False eyelashes professional knowledge series style of eyelashes

——-Beginners guide for style of eyelashes

 Dear friend, in the previous article, we introduced eyelashes of different materials. Among them, the noble eyelashes most suitable for us are mink eyelashes. The material is mink. What kind of eyelashes do you choose? What are the different style of eyelashes? Eyelashes are very diversified in styles. Different styles show different beauty of eyelashes. After wearing, they also show different charms and styles.

There are three types of eyelashes:

The first type: Natural eyelash style, also known as elegant style

It is as fine as a comb, a little longer than real eyelashes, a little denser, and a little curved. If you like beautiful eyelashes with natural beauty and do n’t like being found and processed, this style is a good choice! Suitable for work occasions and low-key needs. This style does not put much pressure on your own eyelashes, and the comfort of your eyes is good. If you wear eyelashes in the early stage, it is recommended to choose this type.

3D Natural eyelashes

The second type: Thick eyelash style, also known as Barbie doll style

Encrypted on the basis of natural eyelash. The eyes change greatly after wearing, the makeup feels very strong, and others are attracted by the flickering eyelashes when they look at you. At the same time, it will make you appear younger than your actual age, which is also a magic weapon to increase self-confidence in social situations

DB303 Thick eyelashes

The third type: luxury eyelash style, also known as Cleopatra

On the basis of thick shape, encrypt and lengthen. If you attend the ceremony, party, and other occasions that require heavy makeup, this style is still the best choice.

DH007 Luxury eyelashes

The third type: Cross eyelash style ,

Cross-layered style, oblique design, various styles, of course, each eyelash has different levels and has slightly different crossovers, but some cross-shaped eyelashes are particularly obvious, and some are slightly small and small. There are more than 10 bundles of eyelashes, and some single eyelashes are about 6 large bundles. When wearing, you can use eyelash scissors to cut them according to the length of your eyes.

DQ06 Cross eyelashes

Different styles of eyelashes, some unrestrained personality, some fashionable taste, some natural and smart, some sweet and elegant, in different occasions there is always a suitable eyelashes for you, show you infinite charm!

 Thank you for your reading. We are a high-end eyelash manufacturer. If you want to choose your own eyelashes, contact me whatsapp:+86 175 6168 7023 or leave a message as soon as possible. In the next days, I will continue to share!

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