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Adhesive Eyeliner Pen

Adhesive Eyeliner Pen Eyelash Glue Pen Wholesale Vendor Manufacturer

HRlashes is eyelash factory which is a mink eyelash vendors, vegan eyelash vendors , faux mink eyelash vendors , customized eyelash box with private logo, and can also a eyelash glue vendors , three types of glue, transparent eyelash glue, white eyelash glue, black eyelash glue, The glue has no peculiar smell, pure plant viscosity, waterproof, and no harm to the eyes. You can use it with confidence. The price of such high-end eyelash glue is not cheap, but our eyelash customers still keep ordering, which is enough to show our eyelashes glue with good quality. Now we have launched a sticky Adhesive Eyeliner Pen , it doesn’t matter if there is no eyelash glue, a sticky Eyelash Glue Pen can help you.

The viscous Eyelash Glue Pen  has two functions, both the function of an eyeliner and the function of an eyelash glue. It is two in one, and it is cost-effective. The viscous  Adhesive Eyeliner Pen has a soft tip. When using it, gently slide it over and use Convenience.

There are two styles of viscous Eyelash Glue Pen, black and white. There are different styles of viscous Eyelash Glue Pen , see the picture below:

adhesive eyeliner pen vendors

   How to use sticky Adhesive Eyeliner Pen ? Please continue reading, I will share for you

The first step   trim the false eyelashes. According to the shape and length of your eyes, measure the length of the false eyelashes. Use scissors to cut off a part of the eyelashes to make the false eyelashes more suitable for the length of your eyes. Trim from the outside of the false eyelashes.

  Please make sure your eyelids are clean and free of any oil stains, which will help you wear your eyelashes well.

The second step  apply glue

Shake the Eyeliner Pen first, and then apply your sticky Eyeliner Pen on the lash line like a normal eyeliner. Apply from the inner eyelashes, and then gently press along the lash line to fix the eyelashes in place. Adjust as needed. And gently press down near the root of the eyelashes to fix it.

With our unique adhesive formula, you will be able to apply the false eyelashes perfectly.

The third step  remove the false eyelashes

When removing false eyelashes, slowly remove the false eyelashes from the outer corner. After each use, put the eyelashes back in the tray to keep their shape.

Maintenance tips: We recommend that you clean the tip of the gel pen regularly. You can do it with micellar water and cotton

 Welcome to order our viscous eyelash gel pen, please contact Catherine whatsapp: +86 175 6168 7023 .

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