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A suggestion letter to a friend who just start a lashes line

Once read an article, the article is very short and very meaningful. It’s about what does it mean to Start a lashes line?What does that mean?It means a lot.It means you don’t have a Steady income;You don’t have the right to ask for leave;You don’t have an eight-hour work day.

It does mean, however, that your income is more flexible;Time is used more efficiently;Your life is Fighting for yourself.

That’s the way life is. None of us should believe in other people’s thoughts and live other people’s lives.Living for ourselves is a privilege we are born with. No one can take it away from us.

Life time is actually very short, to become their own heart and dedication of life. Such a life experience may be more Solemn than 《How the Steel was Tempered》in the book content, more grand.

When you choose to engage in the Eyelash business, you are destined for a more Busy life than the present.I used to have a partner who was on call 24 hours a day, talking to clients all the time, sleeping four hours a day.He never let customers wait more than three minutes, he put every customer more important than himself.

Not everyone can Succeed easily.Business is not an easy road. You should be prepared and never give up easily.Be confident in your choice and have a strong will, which is your only motivation to persist in difficult situations.

There are three key steps to Starting your own eyelashes line.

1.Choose the most suitable sales method.

At present, there are many ways of sales, including online sales and offline sales.According to customers’ Buying habits, Self-capability and Funds reservation to determine the most suitable way to sell eyelashes.

According to statistics,  the main Consumer group of eyelashes is women aged 18-60,  but young women aged 18-35 account for 50% of the total consumption in the United States. This requires that eyelash Sales channels be as consistent as possible with the Buying habits of young women,  which will give you a large customer base at the beginning of the business.

Some clients are web celebrity bloggers with a large following,  who use their ability to attract followers to promote their products. This kind of similar approach needs its own unique ability and charm to Attract fans.This approach is not suitable for most people,  just a few cases.

All people need money when Start own eyelashes line .Whether you’re a Student, Company employees , Makeup artist, you need to have some money. It could be $100, it could be $1,000, it could be $10,000. The fund is different for everyone.But we will give you recommendations suitable for yourself based on our Nine years of experience in the eyelash business.

2.Choose reliable suppliers.

Supplier is a businessman’s bread and butter.It is essential of choosing a reliable and competent supplier with Perfect service and High cooperation efficiencyIt can take half a year to choose a supplier that can Cooperate for a long time,  but it cannot take two days to determine a supplier that can cooperate for a long time.  At the beginning of establishment, 2-4 suppliers were selected for business cooperation.And two excellent companies in all aspects were selected from the gradual business as Long-term cooperation suppliers.

Selecting a supplier does not recommend price as the main criterion for judging.The eyelash market in China is very Chaotic.  Many small companies who cannot meet the standards of the market and with little strength,but still want to participate in the market cannot meet the standards of the market. In the preparation of Bulk goods for clients will be Shoddy, seriously Jeopardizing the interests of clients. Many of these clients covet some cheap prices and suffer a great loss.

More or to refer to the company reputation, brand strength, factory information (if necessary to visit the factory), product quality.

3.Choose the right product

Eyelashes are a Unique need for women, and Demand preferences vary from country to country and region. As a supplier, it is difficult for us to Clearly understand the market. We can only have a general impression of a country or region. As a distributor, you need to have a clear understanding of the Local market. From the style, price, material and other aspects to a comprehensive consideration.

To be honest, eyelashes market is very large in the world. As a FMCG,demand exceeds supply.

But life does not allow people to casually succeed. We need a Firm heart, a strong will, life is afraid of Indomitable people.


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