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A letter to false eyelash customers

For our some of false eyelash customers ,When you want to understand the eyelashes business, I give you suggestions for 3D mink eyelashes. You are keenly aware of the huge potential market for 3D mink eyelashes. Because our mink eyelashes are scarce and unique, you do not hesitate to cooperate with us. Since then, your mink eyelash wholesale has made a breakthrough, sales have been rising all the way, and soon became the market leader!

We suggest that every style of mink hair you sell will cause market fluctuations. We patiently and cautiously communicate the problems you encounter and resolve the problems with you as soon as possible.

  With the expansion of the market, many people have joined the production of mink eyelashes 3D and attracted you at a low price. At first, I tried to persuade you not to get orders at low prices and not to buy cheap mink eyelashes 3D products.

They are new to mink eyelashes production line, fashionable mink eyelashes, high-quality 3D mink eyelashes, beautiful luxury eyelashes, they do not have enough precipitation, how to innovate and develop? They have no keen market prospects, just see the market is coming, and quickly seize the market at a low price.

When you order 3D quality mink lashes from us to make samples and then find other factories for processing, we have eliminated a large number of 3D mink lashes that were produced for you. I told you the truth, but I regret that you didn’t listen to me at all.

Dear customers, we can understand our cost from raw material cost, designer cost, labor cost, inspection cost, advertising cost… We spend the cost in a useful position, compress as much as possible, and strictly control the cost of sales.

For the new factory, they will only lower the price to obtain your order.

Making perfect 3D mink lashes requires experience accumulation and continuous improvement, exploring in frustration, continuous innovation, we have rich experience, without the accumulation of time and experience, how can we quickly produce high-quality eyelashes? What do you say That’s why I tell you to choose a reliable supplier? Experience is the most important thing!

I really want to help you expand the market. I am in the eyelash production base, and I am very familiar with the craftsmen here. After so many years of development, all good craftsmen are willing to work in our factory. Because they know our design and sales capabilities.

I really don’t want to see your mink eyelash wholesale business go bankrupt because I have also paid a lot, but there is no way, who can resist the temptation of low prices? We don’t want to get involved in this chaotic battle because it will be a dead end. In the face of rising raw material costs and rising labor costs, our craftsmen and I have not forgotten our original intentions and still maintain the natural beauty and innovative spirit of mink eyelashes.

Because you have not listened to our suggestions, let the market tell you. The market is so fair, your wrong choice brings opportunities for other mink eyelash wholesalers.

Contact us whatsapp:+ 86 175 6168 7023 ,And we still continue to innovate and research and develop the eyelash market with the best price and the best quality products…