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3D Mink Eyelashes Vendors

HRlashes as a professional 3D mink eyelash Vendors, 3D Siberian mink eyelashes , focusing on high-end 3D mink eyelash production, custom Cruetly-free mink eyelashes, custom mink eyelashes Packaging box with private Logo, custom eyelash trays, custom eyelash tools. 

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3D mink eyelashes are different from ordinary natural  eyelashes. 3D mink strip eyelashes have a 3D three-dimensional effect, which is vivid and elegant. Wearing 3D mink strip eyelashes, the eyes are larger and more flexible, while ordinary eyelashes can hardly have this effect.

The following is a 3D mink eyelashes and ordinary natural eyelashes. The ordinary natural eyelashes were sold well before 3D mink lashes came out, the mainstream styles on the eyelash market were ordinary styles, but at that time eyelash consumers still liked them very much.

When we put 3D mink lashes  on the market, 3D eyelashes swept the entire mink eyelash market. Customized 3D eyelash case, the latest purple eyelash case with pink lines, beautiful and novel, blue glitter paper inner box, high-end exquisite mink eyelash case, private logo can be customized We have hot-selling 3D eyelash styles, natural mink eyelashes, luxury 3D mink eyelashes.

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3D Mink Eyelashes

20mm Mink Eyelashes