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3D Faux Mink Lashes Sample Pack

What are 3D faux mink lashes? How to start your eyelash career ? how to market your lash business ?  Do you expect to buy first-class high-quality high-end eyelashes? Do you expect not to be confused by the quality of the eyelashes you buy? Do you expect to keep up with the trend of the times and purchase the latest and hot-selling eyelashes? You expect good sales of eyelashes you order, high repurchase rate, and no loss of customers …  HRLASHES is your first choice for eyelash suppliers. and Hrlashes 3D faux mink lashes sample Pack is very suitable for starting your eyelashes business,  Our High-quality lashes can help you and support you.

What are 3D faux mink lashes? Are 3D mink lashes real mink?

  • 3D faux mink lashes are not real mink lashes , the material of 3D faux mink lashes are synthetic fiber , not animal hair , but the effect similar to mink hair .
  •  3D faux mink lashes soft and light , Darker and straighter than natural eyelashes .
  • Most of 3D Faux mink lashes band are cotton bands, Very comfortable after wearing.
  • 3D Faux mink lashes are very popular in the world , expecial in UK and European countries,All kinds of faux mink lash styles as below.

3D Faux Mink lashes Sample Pack have a very diverse eyelash styles . You can choose your favorite style mixed sample lashes pack including Natural false eyelashes and dramatic vegan lashes.

3D faux mink eyelashes catalog 3D silk eyelashes
3D faux mink eyelashes

3D false Lashes Sample Kit also can pick our best-selling styles of eyelashes, These hot-selling styles have been verified by the eyelash market and sought after by lashes consumers .  Hot-selling lashes styles help you with the confusion of choosing eyelash styles.

Best natural looking lashes best natural false eyelashes Wispy lashes

As a Best Faux mink lashes vendors , HRlashes has nearly 200 eyelash artisans, each pair of eyelashes is handmade by eyelash artisans, unique. Hrlashes has strong R&D design examples to help you customize your favorite eyelashes, whether it is luxury eyelashes, colored eyelashes, magnet eyelashes, natural eyelashes, all can be customized, as long as you want to send us, we can follow you Idea to start making.

  ❤  REUSABLE EYELASHES: Each pair of false eyelashes can be used 25 to 30 times with proper care. The durability of this lashes brings you high-value and magnetic style. Get the affordable, yet alluring volume that you’re looking for on a daily basis.

SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Unlike most synthetics, Hr lashes are ultra-comfortable, hypoallergenic, and curved to fit the natural curl of your lashes. You want the beauty of mink lashes at the price of synthetic ones, and Hrlashes brings mink level quality to these handmade eyelashes. They’re made from soft synthetic fibers, for a full, yet lightweight look.

  Don’t hesitate anymore, please contact  WhatsApp or email : Catherine . and customize your 3D Faux Mink Lashes sample pack.

3D Faux Mink lashes Catalog