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Some New Clients come to review our website .usually be confused.Unclear Cannes and HRLashes.

HRLashes is a Great Quanlity Mink Eyelash Vendors and Mink Eyelash Manufacturer Wholesale Mink Lashes From China To USA ,HRLashes is a brand owned by Qingdao Cannes Cosmetics Co.,LTD,was founded in June 2009.Our Eyelash Manufacturer Specialized in Handcraft 3D Mink Lashes, 25mm Mink lashes ,18mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes , 28mm mink lashes. 

I saw the iPhone conference yesterday. Suddenly found. In fact, the false eyelash business is not just for profit for the market. More is to discover and meet different and better yourself! And the customers they influence. Because of false eyelashes, I know each other and know my dreams together! Just like the slogan of the iPhone: everything is just fine.

For the quality of false eyelashes, all the insistence is just right.

Our boss’s family is a family of craftsmen engaged in the production of false eyelashes. For more than ten years, I have only focused on the design and production of high-end quality false eyelashes. Has helped a number of domestic trading companies to complete the processing of production. Facing the ever-changing domestic and international markets. We established the Ministry of Foreign Trade affiliated with the factory. Ftoc mode. We have also had doubts on the road to entrepreneurship. But we always believe in it. Also always believe. We will definitely let more customers directly understand the false eyelashes of our factory!

eyelashes boxes design

But now, we have done it. We have not only done it, but we have done a good job! Helped nearly 3,000 false eyelash practitioners from around the world to promote their own fake eyelash brand. They also successfully developed their own false eyelash market and false eyelashes customers because of our high quality false eyelashes.
Say confidently! As long as the customer receives a false eyelash sample, the customer return rate can reach 90%!
Why do I have to say 90% instead of 100% here!

design for Lashes boxes

Because for better development, we must leave 10% of each other’s space.

Everything is just right

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