Eyelashes production is a very hard work,most of young people don’t like to do this kind of work. So most of eyelashes workers are Mille-age women. Theirs age around 40 years old. And the qty of this age of people less and less every year, So i think in the future, people who do this kind of work ,will be less,and lashes price will be higher than now.



Make eyelashes is a  rather precise operation. First our designer to draw artwork,and write on paper the steps for every lashes styles,Then print the artwork ,dispense to workers, Usually one group have 3-5 workers,they can do no more than 5 styles. Of course,before they can make lashes they need to do a lot of practice firstly .Only the ones,who can do better,then they can make lashes for clients indeed.We will not allow unqualified staff to appear in our lashes factory.

Eyelashes production process, total 24 steps. Some of steps are our trade secrets,we can’t show a lot to you. But can show you parts of them. If you like, can see video from the home page of our website or my YouTobe. From below picture, you can see, lashes production is a 100% handmade work, The hardest part i think is to do half lashes,i don’t know how to say in English is right, we call it ‘ put fur’. Do this work need put mink fur one by one on double face adhesive tape on the lashes design picture,so hope every women or girls,who like to wear lashes,can cherish them.



Every mouth HRlashes have new styles are released, just follow my website to get the latest eyelash updates.If you are interested in, please contact with me. We laso accept custom lashes,  lash min.order is 1 pair, welcome to try our lashes.



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