There are more and more eyelashes on the market now, which is a good phenomenon.But it is more difficult for girls who just start to wear eyelashes to choose the eyelash style that suits them or they like.

The eyelashes I recommend today are 20mm mink lashes enjoyed like a queen, so that new friends can have a detailed understanding of this product.I’m used to calling eyelashes FOD(Formal Dress)because I like to think of them as clothes. It’s very special.

The FOD series has a special place in all false eyelash products.

Unique length.

The length of eyelashes determines who and how you use them.Currently, the longest mainstream length on the market is 28mm, while the shortest is 11mm.FOD 20mm 3d mink lashes was in the middle of the length, but it was relatively long.Many girls are unable to capture the feel of this eyelash when they wear it, making it difficult for them to discover its true charm.Always thought it was ordinary.

This is a common thing for new eyelashes users.There is a lot of confusion and curiosity about FOD.

Unique design concept

The original design concept of FOD eyelashes is noble, elegant and charming.Our designers are always looking for a noble and elegant eyelash.Hope to be able to wear eyelashes girls can satisfy their princess dream, queen heart.After all our staff’s continuous efforts to design and produce it, we firmly believe that this lashes will be welcomed by all girls.Because FOD’s unique feeling is like walking into a fairy tale world, FROZEN queen Elsa sings “Let it go” with the heroic and powerful feeling,



And the gentle, noble feeling of Cinderella in her glass slipper.

Unique charm, unique location

This eyelash is perfect for some special public occasions.Need to show their own charm, and do not lose their demeanor.For example, banquets, dances, weddings, parties and other occasions.This eyelash special design concept will let you naturally form a noble, elegant temperament after wearing.Combine this with a demure dress and you’ll have a queen-like vibe.At a social dinner party, you will no doubt shine and stand out.Dignified and decent, noble and charming.No gentleman would want to miss such a view, and you are the star of the party.



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