Product features

1. Production process

Every pair of eyelashes can only be completed after 24 procedures, and 24 manual tests and 2 manual tests.The production of a pair of eyelashes takes about 1.2-2.5 hours from start to finish, and each process is filled with the sweat and dedication of the workers.The eyelashes our clients get are works of art made with our souls.

2. Product features

A. our eyelashes are completely waterproof, washable and perfectly serviceable on rainy days.Different concerns about deformation, hair loss and other problems.

B. The service life of our eyelashes is 25-30 times, which can be reused.Low-end eyelash can use 1-2 times to be able to appear drop wool, be out of shape wait for a problem, become cannot use.

C. our eyelashes use the most advanced technology in the world to perfectly retain the peak of mink hair, making it smoother and more beautiful.This is something that 99% of the world’s manufacturers can’t do, which is a very obvious feature of our products.








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